Qatar firm recs pls

Anyone got a recommendation please? Need to serve pleadings out. 

Fanks :)

What’s the ishoo Heff? Looks like a bunch of the big players are there?

Al Tamimi which is actually based in oman but has a Qatar team.  I’m afraid I can’t give you a litigation lawyer, although I know that have it.

I’ve been advised by a partner there that they in fact Dubai based. Lol.

brilliant rock and roll end to my night eh lads.

You need someone with proper local court experience as technical points on service are a real possibility and the local judiciary are on the odd side of strange.  

DS is spot on there, it’s a weird jurisdiction and that’s why I gave you people with locally approved rights of audience. 

This is your guy:


English obviously, not personally local qualified but he lives in Doha, used to be a City litigation partner in London and is partner at the biggest local Doha firm, so he can sort you out. 


PS  - If you get in touch, perhaps say a friend of a friend told you? Not "random internet stranger" ;)