putting pronouns on your email signature

someone in comms thinks this is a "great idea"

the time has come to get another job


dear clergham thank you for her email she is very on top of this

Indeed why. We know the answer to who would do this tho. (Spoiler: it's Laz)

it's a trans thing

so you might be called Colin or Dick but it is VERY TRANSPHOBIC for someone to assume that means you are a he

I say, if you want to be called she, change your name to fucking Sarah and stfu

Sometimes I think it can be useful. Not because of this whole "woke" gender debate, it's not always obvious from someone's first name whether they are male or female.

I did know a bloke called Beverley tbf 

how would this actually work in practice?

it wouldn't exist if not for the woke thing, though, because it is not that hard to work around when it's just Chris or Grainne.

Don’t you normally address this ambiguous state of affairs by requesting boob / dick pics?

But what if you get both back kaulbach, how does that help?

Bit silly though.  Whilst you may think my friend George is a bloke just from her email signature (and / or references to her wife):

1. its not as if anyone is going to die / it will be a complete shock to her if you get it wrong; and

2. as per Clerg's OP, you mostly don't use gender in emails anyway.

The Beverly I knew was a joiner from Oldham so not that posh no

Oh dear. I’ve just been rumbled as old-school heteronormative cis gender white male dinosaur.


yes I know that is why I used it as an example

Grainne being an example of a name that is only ever a woman but lots of people wouldn't recognise or be able to geuss

Oh, I didn't get that because to me Grainne is obviously a woman's name.

I think because gender is so harmful as a construct it is pretty fucking backwards to force women to pretend that being she or he is optional (harmful to men too in its own way).

ofc all of this became inevitable when "intersectional feminism" became so preposterous.

You can be a racist and homophobic feminist (and lots of gay rights activists are misogynists). Why die on the pointless altar of itnersectionalism?


This sounds like an abuse of the English language. A bit like emails from customer services people where they say "yourself" in a pathetic and counter-productive attempt to ingratiate.



I want to reply "gender is a deeply damaging social construct, why on earth would you pander to it as though it is real?" but then I'd be drummed out of town.

Also half of Edinburgh is shut down by climate change youths and a jakey opposite the parliament is throwing crushed beer cans out the window at tourists.

When will Vladimir set us free?

If I had to choose between Vladimir and this gender bullshit, whoa tough choice 

I think he actually helped to create it so the west would destroy itself.

There is an American billionaire trans who has been ploughing money into the movement too.

It's all completely terrifying because the norms lap it up. Oh Ru Paul aye ah love her.

Even though apparently somehow Ru Paul is also transphobic.

Nah there is staunch opposition now in Germany 

it is a fad

it will pass

I suppose it’s worth pointing out that the pronoun debate is really only possible in a language like English which has lost most of its grammatical gender markers from both its orthography and its speech patterns.  

And in turn it is the monoglot ignorance of English speakers that fuels it. You could not have this debate in French or German or Russian or Spanish.   

As for intersectionalawhatsit, I have had it explained to me by different people in at least three different and incompatible ways but it seems mainly to be a non-meaningful buzzword that allows you to hate on everyone without worrying too much about what it all means.  

I have a friend who is very involved in activism and she says the same but I don't think it's true, sadly. The government thinks it is right so it will happen. Trans activists dominate all the old rights organisations (even the ACLU!) and women are literally arrested in the UK for saying that trans women are male.

Everyone has gone fucking insane (and for some people who have always hated women, esp gay men who have always hated women, it's a brilliant opportunity to kick us).


Intersectionality means you can't analyse any identity-based rights category independently. So you can't say let's fight for women, it has to be women including bame women and LGBT (including male!) women. There also has to be be a pyramid of privilege. It's basically like insisting on wearing a millstone while performing heavy manual labour.

These people would benefit from a basic project management course. 

It has completely undermined my trust in any LGBT organisation. 

Merkel‘s successor just took the piss out of gender toilets and 90% of the population loved it, 10% are up in arms and loud and overrepresented in the public sphere 

I don’t like LGBT organizations either 

you gay ? Fine

you want to change gender? Also fine BUT DO NOT NAG MY EAR ABOUT IT

No to mixed toilets. Yes to more toilets for women.

Do not nah my ear about it is my motto for basically all activism at the moment.

I don't think you can change from man to woman though, you're just a crazy dude and stop trying to force people to say you're a sane chick.

And I keep seeing people write things about all the hate trans people must endure and I think "nobody hates trans people we hate YOU you big non trans man". I am wokeophobic.

‘esp gay men who have always hated women’


Can we talk about TERFS (trans exclusionary radical feminists)?

My take on this is that if someone is a feminist then they believe that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities. Why does it matter if they don't believe a trans woman is really a woman and vice versa?

Unless you're suggesting no gay man has ever hated a woman. Not sure why they would be different from other men in that regard tho.


It's just fundamental to the rhetoric at male dominated organisations like stonewall.

The trouble is, if you believe gender and sex are different (as all right thinking people do) there will come a point at which you would probahpr exclude trans people from certain things that the actual sex group do together. Which is unacceptable to extremists even when it is damaging to the sex group


I cannot wait until my new phone comes this autocorrect is driving me nuts

I know a gay man who appears to hate everyone. I don't think it's in the name of equality. I think he's just a wanker.

there will come a point at which you would probahpr exclude trans people from certain things that the actual sex group do together

Like participating in competitive sport? Or using single sex changing rooms?

Yes I would, sorry.

I think there are a lot of people involved in identity activism who mistake the hostility directed at them personally for hostility towards their characteristic.

Sometimes a total wanker is just a total wanker.

Yeah, sports, refuges, medical wards (some activists think transwomen should be allowed to turn up for smear appointments to validate their identity), prisons, changing rooms.

And obviously some trans people have passed for years and nobody cares. It's the activists who are ruining life for everyone.

In Scotland the justice minister just said crime statistics are reported by self identification. So if a transwoman rapes an actual woman it's recorded as rape by a woman.

But back onto the OP...

I would be in favour of a system where people put (Title)(Firstname)(SURNAME) on their email signature.

Not because of anything to do with gender but just because it avoids embarrassing scenarios where you are corresponding with someone in another part of the world (usually Asia) by email and you have no idea whether they're a man or a woman or which is their first name and which is their surname.

If someone wants to put their title as Mx then whatevs.

(some activists think transwomen should be allowed to turn up for smear appointments to validate their identity)

Um, what?

What do they want the doctor to take a smear of, exactly?

I'm assuming that these wankers are not sufficiently great in number to have an impact on the availability of smear test appointments for, you know, people with cervixes (cervices?), but still. Fuck the fuck off.

The trouble is, it has become a bit like the men's rights activist movement in that it has attracted a lot of generalised total fucking lunatics. They can't make friends but they can make ALLIES.

I assume they want the speculum to just be jiggled about a bit


Not sure what happens if they are totally male in genitalia

Poofs innit! It's these bloody poofs in dresses spreading their diseases, buggering kids, raping everyone and stopping decent healthy people like us getting our care on the NHS. Look at them with their HIV drugs and their Prep. That could go on kids with stuff not stopping poofs getting sick from buggering each other all the time. They're danger to humanity with their AIDS and their floppy hands and their mincing about. I want my bogs free of poofs! How can I get my cock out knowing the fella next door might be looking at the old fella? Getting aroused.  He'll be all over me in a second, raping me and giving me that AIDS. We've got to stop these poofs!!

Oh my Gawd!! Poofs in sport!! There are poofs in sport and no-one knows they're poofs! Not till it's too late!

Runing round the bend a bender bends it up yer!

kids could be watching! No poofs in sport!!

Sigh. Ok yes you're absolutely right. Women who object to being beaten at sports by actual men are so MEAN and BIGOTED

I still have NO IDEA what the OP means. 


Yours faithfully, 

Wibble (he)


that cannot actually be a thing. 

Cant we just fire these people into space from a big cannon? 


Is it an outrage for a big city law firm not to have a transgender loo?

because I reckon some are not up to speed

you're not supposed to have a transgender loo!! That would be offensive and othering.

If I was LGBTQ+++, I would be more careful not to annoy people, not to strain things. There’s a lot of goodwill, do not destroy it

same goes for this daft and annoying aggressive neo-feminism, which is rife in Berlin 

I was at a London university recently. 

They had "male" toilets and "gender neutral toilets". No ladies. 

If I were a lady I would be offended. 



That is fucking outrageous. Women need more loos than men, not fewer, and they need loos that are free from men's stink. 

You know where else has gender neutral and male? Notes just off Trafalgar Square. I keep meaning to boycott it but I'm a sucker for a place that does coffee AND wine.

Reading these threads is like reading the reaction to the publication of On the Origin of the Species, and not in a good way.


What Fucko said.  I am giving this entire thread a PARKLIFE