puns in film/tv/culture etc that took u a while 2 notice
The Oracle of Delphi 23 Jan 23 13:11
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1. harley quinn

ah didn’t know the diagon alley one that’s good!

google tells me knockturn alley is meant to be similar

The Face of Bo in Doctor Who was a recurrent theme when the series returned from 2005.

This resolved when it finally became clear that this was in fact Captain Jack, who could not die but only age. It was an homage to John Barrowman by Russell T Davies.

Carry on Film:

"We can't find him anywhere"

"Perhaps he's in the Kasbah?"

"No, I've looked all over the hotel."


I really didn't understand that one when I first heard it as a youngster....

Carry On Matron, after Sir Bernard nearly sits on a wine glass: “must be careful, remember what happened to the skipper…”

Another one I first heard when young, but took a while to understand, was a one-liner from Dorothy Parker (but not sure if it made its way into any film):

"You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think!"

I also once saw a tv programme where the librarian's name was Paige Turner.  Missed that one at the time!

It once took me a while to work out (when spoken, rather than written): "Atheism is a non-prophet organization"

The scene where he first uses flue powder in the bungalow to go to the shops, says the name as diagonally and ends up in knockturn alley

Master Bates

Seaman Staines

Roger the cabin boy

Went over the heads of some BBC top brass, too, I believe.

The village of Llareggub in Milk Wood.

you read it, can’t say it, read on, ignore it. Then you spell it out.

My Fair Lady is a good shout - never seen that previously and had to think about it for a few seconds even when you pointed it out.

Oh, well, the two greatest Carry on lines are as follows:

1. Charles Hawtrey (IIRC, otherwise Kenneth Williams) as Julius Caesar comes running into the room:

"Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"

2. Bernard Bresslaw as the outlaw Bungedit Din, after being told that the occupants of the Embassy are going on with life as normal despite the threat of imminent attack, expresses his astonishment, and a lieutenant replies: "It is a typical exhibition of the British phlegm."

"I spit on their British phlegm!"

Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol 


Forgot about this pun title until just now. Think it's a latent response to Sister Act 2. 



In Carry on up the Khyber, Kenneth Williams plays the "Khasi of Kalabar".

Went right over my head when I first heard it.