Puddings ranked

Deep fried marses was robbed!


In what world do hot cross buns deserve to be that high up the rankings?

Deep fried mars bars can actually be alright, but not as good as deep fried malteasers.

Hot cross buns are an afternoon snack rather than a pudding.

Treacle tart and bread and butter pudding both belong in top tier.

My eyesight not being that of a peregrine falcon, does Fruit Pavlova feature?


(or is this 'pudding' in only the traditional, steamed sense? If so, Spotted Dick ftw)

I can't read the OP but this sounds like a Wang World Cup.

For those who haven't zoomed it is more of a sweet chart than just puddings. And no spotted dick is ming.

The only one off that list I have never had is a deep fried Mars bar

am I missing out on a culinary delight?

Queenie it really depends on the quality of the chippie you buy it from.

Proper suet jam roly poly and custard is god tier, along with sticky toffee and a properly tart rhubarb crumble. 

Eton mess and affogato are next tier down, as whilst they are both outstanding they are a bit more situational being cold puddings. 

Hard to muster up strong feelings about any other puddings tbh, all much of a muchness to me. 

Affogato (much as I love it) isn't really british though. Agreed on jam roly poly and sticky toffee belonging at god level.

Best thing to do with Mars bars is chop them up, melt them in a saucepan with a bit of milk, then pour it over some vanilla ice-cream.

Err, no mention of lemon meringue pie. Voids the outcome.


Agreed, blindtom - no Spotted Dick at all is cause for a riot!

What Tom said re sweets chart.  

People who call the final sweet course "pudding" unless it is a pudding are as bad as people who think pasta is pronounced pæsta.

It's an idiomatic variation

Where I come from "sweet" signifies an arsehole

"Would yew like a serviette for your sweet?"


Whoever drew up that list disgusts me not least because there’s no mention of crumble

Cakes and scones are not puddings

Are these people fucking idiots.

Calling any after a meal sweet is terribly lower class.  I assumed for many years that people were saying suite as it followed the meal.

Sails and Orwell - please describe your best respective watches immediately.

I really hope that corbyn’s apparatchiks read rof and are keeping records of who gets sniffy and sneery at what is the lower class term for a meal or a course. 

Sweets is a generic term for all sweet dishes, including cakes and afternoon tea stuff.  Calling dessert "sweets" isn't correct either, but not as wrong as calling non-puddings puddings. 

And you lot manage to shoehorn class into anything that involves you asserting which dialect/slang prevails.  The rest of the English-speaking world doesn't seem to have trouble grasping the idea of a correct term and a dialect/slang variation without turning it into a class commentary.

Bright I've got a nicely understated Rolex complete with scratches from wearing it to do building work.

I did specify that it was a regional variation, orwell. In my local lexicon it would be a very hyacinth bucket thing to say. 

I disagree that sweets is generic. Sweets is just chocolates and haribos and that sort of thing. "Do you want any sweets?" does not extend to cake or pie.

There is a difference between sweet and sweets.  Asking someone after a meal if they want a sweet is clearly a reference to dessert but asking someone generally if they want some sweets is asking if they fancy pick'n mix.

No gypsy tart or raspberry pavalova , Black Forest gateaux .

I was eating somewhere run by americans last week and was disappointed to find that when they said pudding they meant rather flavourless set custard.

Just to answer the OP:


God tier = I never eat, so 0%.

Top tier = I love hot cross buns and sticky toffee pudding, so 70%

Mid tier - I never eat any of that, so 0%

Low tier = I only eat Christmas pud, and only at Christmas, so 1%

Crap tier - have never had one, so 0%


No apple pie?  No crumble?  No banana loaf?  No pineapple upside-down cake?  FOR SHAME!!!

What sort of spaz would mean Christmas pud in "low tier"? It's soo special, you can only eat at Chrimbo.

Ta on the Rolex info, Sails... ;)

Still really surprised at Orwell.

It's called pudding in wur hoos.  will not take lecturing on appropriate language from an australian.


The sort of spaz who spells "Crimbo" with an "h", Duxter.

When I was a child, we always had Xmas pudding for pudding after Easter lunch 

Massive ol at getting huffy about people not calling pudding the "Sweet" and then making it worse by also calling it "dessert" FFS!