Pube heads

Some of you may remember a few years ago I saw a man in my football changing room who was very very hairy yet had a waxed groin - he looked like a child was colouring in a bear but refused to colour in the groin.


Well yesterday I saw his kodak negative.  A man as hairless as a fish but with a thatch of pubes so voluminous it was like a 60s beehive haircut. Amazing. Like someone sellotaped a bird's nest to a Greek statue. 

Football changing room (i was outside peeping in through a glory hole)

I was defo a Jacob when at university.  Now ai am almost like one of clubbers' 60% neanderthal offspring.  No shaving other than the cherubic visage obv.  Pls feel free to vom accordingly.

never heard that one either but assume it’s biblical (“my brother esau is an hairy man, but i am a smooth man”)

What Serge quoted.  Think it was much quoth in python or the goon show or Milligan or similar.

Oh I thought this would be a thread about curly hair on your head as I’ve often been called pube head for that reason.

There's a chap who uses our apartment's swimming pool on the weekends who must be German. 

Speedos (with no discernible creeping spiders' legs), great ghillie suit of a back and chest but manscaped as an egg on his fat belly.

One assumes somebody, at some point, must have told him that looked good.  It just makes me want to rub his belly for luck.

Body hair is pointless. I shave it all. As a guy, the only body hair that can vaguely look good is chest hair if you have a proper seventies style rug. I do not, so it’s all off. Yes including downstairs since you ask. Shaved bald.

I purchased top o' range manscaper last time I was able and it still chewed my scrote to mince.

Have since given up bothering.  Can't be arsed with the regularity required to prevent a haemorrhage of an area populated by a surprising number of capillaries. 

doesn’t need it thus far m88

when it does I’ll probably have to wax 

I am covered head to toe apart from a single bald patch on the back of my left calf.

I only have like 3 hairs in total outside of the top of my head