£40k per day


What do they do with all this money? I am assuming their houses are paid for so is it just to fund day to day expenses? Also, how does Beckham has 128m insta followers? He retired over 10 years ago....

​​​​​well the article points to some plhilanthropy.

He's trying to build a lake with an island so assume he'll spaff a chunk on that plus they've got the running costs of all their properties and no doubt use dividends from the company to pay salaries to their personal staff as it looks fishy if the housekeeper is being paid from the image rights company.

beckham’s not handsome any more

his wife never was

Yeah you totally boss them both in the hotness stakes laz

I think they use it to find Victoria's failed fashion business and David's failing football club.

Why the hell not?! If you've got that much money coming in you may as well spend it on vanity projects and hobbies.

They will have a burn rate for their daily lives that you cannot even comprehend and that's before you even get to the new money baubles they seem fond of.

He's still sore he never got his K, for all his footy and charity work, when his emails on the subject got leaked.

Can we agree that anyone who follows them is a complete simpleton?

Its not clear how the £14.5m dividend is split between the 2, but a £14.5m dividend would incur a dividend tax of £5.53m, being 38.1%.  Chancellor's certainly doing well out of that.  Even after they've taken their 19% Corporation Tax.  


The Beckhams should be knighted, for their services to HM Treasury

Clappers, wouldn't be so sure he is resident here for tax purposes

Nobody with that much 'tat' should be knighted