Prodder’s puppy thread

I think the announcement that Prodders is getting a new puppy deserves its own thread. Fantastic news.

Let us know breed/sex and any photos and I’m sure Rof can help with naming.

Jim thank you for starting this.

I've just located the threads I contributed late last year when we discovered that Willow's days were numbered and have been reminded of the kindness of many of you and it was greatly appreciated.

Willow soldiered on until the end of January, but as soon as she started to struggle we bit that painful bullet. She was very much the focus of our R&R, and there is a back story that made her relatively short life acutely distressing.

We've decided on another working Goldie. They are an exceptional breed. We saw one at lunchtime and just those few minutes confirmed there is something in their nature that touches us at our core. She's probably to be named Cassie; for a brief while we pondered two (I cant believe I've declined two perky pups) but have concluded one is enough for now. The advise of Dogwarden and others in that respect was helpful.

Apprehension is starting to kick in slightly. I am always up early and will be on first watch. That is when ankles are at the their most vulnerable to excited claws. Disconcertingly I am going to be left on my own with her all Friday afternoon and evening. Beer to the rescue (me not her)

If the updates are welcome, I will contribute more. 

Definitely welcome. Keep them coming and post a photo!

I note you say, “She's probably to be named Cassie;”

Does that give us a chance to make suggestions then?

I suggest Orlaith - it means golden princess and is a very pretty name in itself. Plus, unlikely anyone else will call their dog the same so less chance of confusion on walkies.

Mrs P has been considering Ayla but it doesn’t resonate with me. 
Suggestions extremely welcome. 

yes please share photos

i nominate “risky” as the name in honour of our recently departed colleague

I actually think Chill’s idea is great. Whatever name you settle on in real life, you should refer to your pup as Risky on here. Will make the stories far more entertaining.

”Last night Risky kept crying all night and then pooed all over kitchen floor.”

Whilst it would be reassuring to suppose that with the name Risky the critter would always return if gone awol, the wider connotations make it unacceptable, although it would be fitting that it spends the first weeks of its life peeing and shitting on the Daily Mail. 

I love old people names for pets. Just imagine shouting “BARBARA, STOP SHITTING IN THE BUSHES!” in the park. You’d just laugh so hard every time. 

it would be reassuring to suppose that with the name Risky the critter would always return if gone awol


puppy will respond to a dozen different names

If we’d opted for a male, I’d have been   chomping for Wilson. Wilson (Jim’s dog in Friday Night Dinner) is my all time favourite TV dog (quit with the Lassie jokes). 
Bawling WILSON at a dog in Jim’s frantic tones should be on every dog lover’s bucket list. 

But then replaced by…Milson!! Wilson’s final episode made me howl with laughter with the burning cross!  

There were 8 of them. 5 girlies. 3 boys. This one made a bee line for Mrs P and basically chose her. 
Or perhaps that’s not the response that you were looking for. 

Time for some more photos Prodders. (I will try to stick to “Prodders” rather than your usual moniker due to current news stories and other Roffers refusal to use his middle initial).

I thought of posting this as a caption competition. That’s a strong contender. 
She dragged it from one end of the garden onto the patio.