The problems with a people's vote
  1. The decision has already been made so it is a big waste of time
  2. The decision has already been made, and it is the one I like so please can we stick with it?
  3. Why do we have to keep going over this, choices of government etc. every few years, it is so boring. 
  4. There is an enormous risk that the people will vote for something I don't like.
  6. Mummy always let me have what I want, so it would be emotionally helpful for me if this pattern could continue.
  7. LEAVE MEANS LEAVE*!!!!!!!


*"Leave" in this context means carrying out the general act of leaving the European Union, but no warranty or assurance is given as to how the millions of legislative and policy connections of leaving the EU will actually be effected. A vote for "Leave" is taken as your tacit consent to the Government doing whatever it likes that can, in the opinion of the Government in its sole discretion, be "not remaining". An example of such decision making can be found in representative democracies, where political appointees are expected to exercise their discretion subject to the abilty to re-appoint those appointees via regular plebiscites. If you question why the "will of the people" had to be gauged at all if that is how representative democracy is to work, or want to make some clever argument that a Government of principles could have simply revoked the ECA 1972, please report to D. Cummings, care of the tradesman's entrance, 10 Downing Street, London, and say you are there for the Khashoggi special. Please send a final text message to your relatives from Charing Cross station saying it has all gotten too much, and throw your phone and some clothes into the Thames before turning up in a forensics jumpsuit via the tunnel from platform 4.