Pret pay £8.65 per hour in London

Shameful that they pay so little.




Surprised that a company that bangs on so much about its ethical credentials pays less than the London living wage.

TBF working in Prett is a hell of a lot nicer than working in MaccieD's I imagine.

That is absolutely fucking outrageous.  I'm never buying their delicious artisan baguettes again :(

Pret is rank (apart from the 99p coffee).  cannot believe the profligate owners of eat are ceding control to the mayonnaise empire.

Pretty much anything is better than working in Maccies.  I had fun but my feet were bleeding every night when I got home after a shift.  Very common problem for staff. 

Non slip shoes rubbing when you move around on a greasy surface.  Covered in blisters that would ofc end up bleeding.  One girl got an infection, ‘‘twas a nightmare for her.

Why were you allowed to wear non slip shoes?  , Maccy D's Health and Saety sounds crap

Huh?  We *had* to wear them.  To stop falling or slipping in a greasy environment.  Not like there was grease everywhere but you can imagine it permeated everything behind the counter to a small degree.

H&S was excellent actually.  Had to pass two tests before being allowed on the floor even.

I have never known the like, I have worked in kitchens for years and never got bleeding feet

Had worked should I say, would'nt catch me doing that nonsense agaib

Yeah it’s quite busy in mcdonalds and 10-12 hours at a time standing up moving around doing different jobs in different temperatures is gonna do that to you.  We weren’t allowed to stop or sit down except on breaks. “If you have time to lean you have time to clean” was a common mantra. 

Jesus if it’s so terrible don’t work there. Pret has a gamut of cheerful, fun European and worldwide staff who clearly don’t stay long but are happy to earn a bit before they bugger off somewhere else on no notice.

Why are we so desperate to hurt hospitality industries even more than they’re hurt at the moment by trying to impose higher wages? 

Why don't you give them a tip if you are so offended by it? Show me the fast food outlet paying e.g. £11 an hour and I'll ring the administrators for them. 

Looks like it's more like £9.65 an hour:

We pay our lovely Team Members £8.65 an hour in London and other expensive towns and cities. After initial training, Team Members can earn an additional weekly mystery shopper bonus of £1 per hour (on average, 80% of our Teams receive this bonus every week).

Minimum wage is £8.21; living wage is £9; London living wage is £10.55.

So Pret is not great but I suspect also not by any stretch the worst

I'm not sure about Pret, but many also have zero-hour and split-shift working.

So they get them in for breakfast, tell them to vanish at 10am for two hours (not allowed to stay in the shop, vamoosh!)  then pay them again over lunch.  Then see how it's looking for the afternoon and send home if it's quiet.

As somebody sort of mentioned above we do need to distinguish jobs that people are trying to live permanently on and raise families and jobs typically taken by foreign visitors or students for a bit of spending money.   

I suspect one point is that Pret do actually pay their staff every week and probably pay them on time as well. 

There are lots of small shops that routinely underpay or defer payment, usually for people they want rid of.  Or there can be an administrative "error" …...

If your immigration status is a bit whiffy, there is not much you can easily do about this.