Premiership final

Anyone going?

What is Buzz's address?

Would rather be watching the women's football but got a last minute client invite 

Nothing like being the back up plan 

Egg chasing? Lol. I’ll be watching Luton v cov. A working class sport watches by working class fans (unless it’s at Old Toilet, anfiled or the Emptirates).

You on the sauce already sun?

Remember to stay hydrated

I know Abu Dhabi doesn't care about women but the cheats women's team is a disgrace - conceding that last minute winner to United will have stung 

Don't worry, I'll catch the play off match. Don't you worry about that. Real football, surprised you are interested? Not a tourist in sight 

I’m going - don’t massively care for either team tbh but like a trooper I’ve chucked on the gilet, got my best salmon shirt on and now it’s pints pints pints  

was at the cricket last night as well so already sweating like Philip Schofield’s agent

Quick tactical in Buzz’s garden and I should be ok