Premier League - 19 June

when was Laz's bet? was he close?


Liverpool are going to be PL champions and there is not a damn thing any of you bellends can do about it. 

I promise you that we will be completely unbearable. 

No one cares m7.

Just as you were looking like a busted flush (an inevitability with Flopp’s kick and rush long ball game), you got a 3 month break.


And also, presumably now NewcastOIL’s takeover can go ahead.

I think the uncertainty about whether the season would be finished was the only thing holding it up?


If a few players or non player staff die in the pursuit of giving the Dippers their tainted fake title, then the PL have decided that is a price worth paying.

For a Club who won't shut the fuck up about the 96 - they seem very happy to kill thousands to get their hands on a sham title.

Fuck those dippers.  I'll never acknowledge their phony shite title. 


yes of course he’s close

answer my email!

who the fuck thinks there is any risk to playing behind closed doors football?

Get over it you absolute nancies

lockdown is OH-VAH

ps I’m hearing 17 June

How is Clergs first to the punch with all the football announcements. First Bundesliga now this. 

Going to start a campaign to have Clergs added to the Sky Sports News transfer deadline day team. 

why is the cricket delayed till august then?  I guess the cricket has fewer people busting a gut to organise things


Liverpool will always be unbearable.  Talk about making up for last time.  Did they last win the title in 1946 or something? 

#PremierLeague proposed kick-off times:

Friday: 20:00

Saturday: 12:30, 15:00, 17:30 and 20:00

Sunday: 12:00, 14:00, 16:30 and 19:00

Monday: 20:00

Midweek: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 18:00 and 20:00

All games televised

It's gonna be a football orgy

pancakes, amazing. Wish it were always like this. 

Problem for all youse is that Liverpool will wrap it up in their first two games and after that - nothing matters. 

We will all have to focus on the relegation scrap I guess and hoping Shef U pip Man Utd to a European place for the lolz. 

If shit-heh lose to Arsenlol in the first game, Liverpool just need 1 win, at home to Palace. 

Did Tom just accuse Liverpool of playing long ball and the team who dropped 5 points (and are 25 points ahead of state-backed cheaters) are looking like a busted flush?! 

At least he’s no longer talking about his fabled asterisk. 

I think he just knows a couple of buzz words and terms and drops them in to appear knowledge. Like when golf bores go golfy chat. 


Birdied the 6ths, putts from the rough. 

Lol. I guess number 19 will have an asterisk after all. 

PL Champions 19/20 - Liverpool*

*Not formally recognised by WalterWhite of RollOnFriday. 

Heh @ JM

WW seems to be under the impression Jurgen & co have ordered the rest of the league back. He must have missed the bit where Klopp was one of the most vocal managers against re-starting. 

I don’t think tainted or fake mean what Walter thinks they mean. Poor Walter. 

To be fair to WE, football makes fools and hypocrites of us all. 

  • Heh at Kenny, Toaster and the rest of the Home Counties plastic scousers thinking anyone cares about their tainted title win.
  • more asterisks than Herve.
  • APNHB- update on the Newcastoil takeover please TIA

Home Counties?

Tom also doesn’t understand what tainted means. 

Wonder does he know what empty stadium, financial doping and no Champions League means?

 Big TV rebate for the prem teams to repay, a significant burst in the bubble methinks.


next tv deal will be a lot lower 

Tom Linorder, what is the asterisk going to say "season was suspended for a bit"?

Will there be another one saying "earliest win ever by matchday" and possibly yet another one which says "record points total"? 

the fight for the champions league places is quite interesting

Fence Foal, that cut deep I will confess. Too soon. 

I see you’ll be able to choose to have canned crowd noise.  I reckon there will be a nice scandal with someone replaying the crowd noise from an 80’s match between the same two teams complete with homophobic and racial chanting.

I assume Tom accepts that if City win the FA cup or Champions League there’ll be an asterisk beside their name? Tbf there should legitimately be an asterisk beside everything City have won since they starting the whole financial cheating thing. 

On the plus side, 6 people are now able to meet in public so there’ll be a full crowd at the Emptyhad for the rest of the season.