Pre Burger Thread 14th St Pauls GBK

Who's in for the pre burger, traditionally held at ST Paul's GBK (download the app and go through the long and torturous set up process you don't even have to look at the waiters!)

it's pre drinks so it is a pre burger

why do you struggle to understa.... oh it's Ducks, let me find my special trophy for taking part

It’s actually 


I’m in whatever it’s called. 

Not end of thread

If it's End of Thread then it's just me and fonders jumping on tables, screaming "Anarchy!" And lobbing buns at people.

I didn't really read your thread properly sumo...


Yes, I will be pre-burgering :)

oh yeah, they're having that "this time facisim will work" presentation down at the Canon Street Weatherspoons then aren't they

you could totally make it up from there

It's at the QE2 Centre in Westminster Sumo, but that is still only a couple of stops away on the District & Circle Dracs...

I’ll come depending on the time. Need to get the kiddies to sleep first. 

pre burger is usually 5-6.30 ish


currently confirmed 

Ugh. That's a bit late. Is that when your train gets into London or something? 5.15 would be better to allow time for ordering, cooking and eating before kick off...

I won’t be there until 6pm. I will pre order. Pls don’t leave without me! 

I doubt they will be packed out by 5.30, am pretty sure they would be able to accomodate by 5 and I can probably make 5 if I get a motor on

So, I will head down to this from 5 now because, contrary to all visual evidence, some lawbla/rof denizens claim to be starving