Power ballad/classics playlist

Been putting one of these together and pretty happy with it but let's see Rofers suggestions for such a playlist.  I have included classics like Total Eclipse of the Heart, Living on a Prayer, Don't Stop Believing.

I don't think Livin' On a Prayer qualifies as a power ballad.

Sister Christian?

Wind of Change - Scorpions

The Temple of the King - Rainbow

You lot have obviously been lurking in different clubs to me as I've never sung any of your suggestions late at night whilst drunk.


Eric Carmen-Hungry Eyes

Cuttin Crew- Died in your arms

Roxette- It must have been love

The Power of Love - FGTH.

(I'm not sure I know what qualifies as a power ballad tbh).

Titanium - David Guetta / Sis?

Eternal Flame - the Bangles

Don't you - Simple Minds

Listen to your Heart - Roxette

I'd do anything for Love - Meatloaf


I feel as if my contribution here has been significant.  What do I get as a prize?



Here I go again - Whitesnake

I want to know what love is - Foreigner

If you want to bore yourself shitless that Robin Hood one by Bryan Adams.

A little more leftfield would be Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield.

Chicago-Glory of Love

Bonnie Tyler- Holding out for a hero

Chesney Hawkes- The one and only

Too many to mention.  Agree with most of the above.  You have missed out "Alone" by Heart though!

Some good suggestions.  My playlist is currently 45 tunes or so and does include Roxette, the Bangles and Bonnie Tyler.

Supes you know you sing I Will Always Love You in the shower every day.

This thread is like a list of the greatest abominations in the history of music


Chicago - Hard to Say I'm Sorry

REO Speedwagon - Keep on Loving You

Styxx - Babe

Sad Cafe - Every Day Hurts

Show me the way - Peter Frampton

I'll fall in Love Again - Sammy Hagar


I think I might get a headache listening to all that on rotation.

Left field: Love will Tear will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division.

A lot of cloudy genre picking above.  I would add paradise city, paint it black, stairway to heaven, god gave rock and roll to you and a bit of gimme all your lovin' 

Really it all needs putting in a room and then send in the ghost of Johnny Rotten to wee all over it

All the 70s kids with a a bowie semillon may be rounded up and burned

Johnny Rotten's dead?


I thought he got fat and made prime minister.

Love will Tear will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division

That is indeed left field. Because it is not in the genre of a power ballad. You may as well have said "Left field: String Quartet No. 14 - Beethoven.



Guns n Roses - November rain

Bon Jovi - Always

Alice Cooper - Poison

And, while I don't really like it, Aerosmith - Don't wanna miss a thing is an archetypal power ballad.  

Of course you all are missing:

John Waite - Missing You

Boston - More Than a Feeling

Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight

mmmmm Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen

Toto - Rosanna

Tool - Prison Sex whoops wrong playlist

kingfaff I have mentioned Rosanna above.

Obadiah, fair enough, thought I might sneak it in but difficult to defend

I've already got Boston and Aerosmith on the list.

Just to clarify the parameters for my list are pretty flexible so it's generally power ballads but also just good classic tunes from yesteryear.  To some extent it was compiled from two years of having builders who love Heart 80's.

Guy, so you did, your utter butchering of the spelling stymied my word search.

Sails, are you only allowing yourself one song per artist?  That is going to result in some hard choices.

I only discovered Heart 80s recently.  It's now the only station I allow in the car.

No I've got multiple numbers from Belinda Carlisle and Sophie B Hawkins amongst others.

I was at uni in the 90's so prefer Absolute Radio 90's for general and in car listening.

John Parr-St Elmo's Fire

Starship-Nothing's gonna stop us now

" I've got multiple numbers from Belinda Carlisle and Sophie B Hawkins "

*edges backwards out the of the thread*

If you're going Belinda (and who wouldn't) then perhaps Tiffany - I think we're alone now.

Seriously though, if you like classic soft rock, check out some of Rick Beato's What Makes This Song Great videos on youtube.  He's done Rosanna, More Than a Feeling, Don't Stop Believing (as well as loads of other, mostly metal, songs).  Really worth watching even if, like me, you barely understand half of what he is talking about.

allanah myles - black velvet

Cher - If I could turn back time

Some of the songs above veer into yacht rock. I think the Song Sommelier might have an anthems playlist. His yacht one is fab

Tiffany and Cher are already there.  

Good shout on black velvet.

King I can't believe that anyone man who grew up in the 80's was not a little bit in love with Belinda.

Seeing as we're now listing hot 80s pop stars, I see your Tiffany and I raise you a Wendy James.

Good shout for Alannah Myles.  Such a sexy voice.  That song used to feature often on those "Soft Rock Classic" compilation tapes you used to find for £2.99 in WH Smith.

honourable mention to Sheryl Crow and the one about Billy peeling the label from his bottle of bud



True colours - Cyndi Lauper 

Rocky Mountain high - John Denver

Another vote for Boys of Summer. I heard it played on the radio a few days ago and was reminded how good it is.

Not sure it passes the "ballad" test but what about Jack & Diane by John (Cougar) Mellenkamp

Mutters I love that song. Falls in with My sharona / centerfold / duke of earl (darts version) and the it’s a short hop to Blister in the Sun and we’re totally off piste

The Flame - Cheap Trick

Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi

Never Say Goodbye - Bon Jovi

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

It Must Have Been Love - Roxette

Possibly controversial, but given I first fell properly in lust whilst listening to this:  Everything I do (I Do It For You) - Bryan Adams

Creep - Radiohead

Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush

Does The Police count?  If so, Every Breath You Take

And I vote for Jack and Diane and Living on a Prayer regardless of semantics.  And Boys of Summer.

Actually, whilst thinking of Bowie add:


Girl Loves Me

As the World Falls Down


Loving the Alien

Glass Spider

Blue Jean

The Man Who Sold The World

Young Americans



For me, if you're going Bowie, it has to be Heroes, or even better Boys Keep Swinging.

Oh, and not really a power ballad, but Bachmann Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.

Pleased to see Titanium get acknowledgement as a modern power ballad, which it clearly is.

Another modern interpretation of the form is the big rap-ballad duet, usually with a male vocalist supplying the rap and a woman the big melody. There are loads of these, Umbrella being maybe the biggest and arguably best. 

Some brilliantly alternative options on here, including Creep, which I’ve certainly never thought of as a power ballad, but which I suppose is.

Fleetwood Mac - Landslide

Dolly Parton - I will always love you and You are

Radiohead - Street spirit (fade out)

Nick Cave & Kylie - Where the wild roses grow

PH.D. - I won't let you down

Kansas - Dust in the wind

Sarah Bareilles - She used to be mine


Perhaps some Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot or Shadows of the Night.

Laz, are you talking about the version of Rihanna's song with Jay-Z?  Or is there an artist under the name Umbrella doing this kind of thing?

For me, the best example of that kind of mash-up will remain this:


Although I do enjoy listening to this mash-up (not in any sense a ballad or classic rock tho):


But for a classic rock/rap mash-up, you really can't beat this:


Although this deserves an honorable mention:




can’t Live ( if living is without you) - Harry Nilson

It’s a Sin - Pet Shop Boys

Jack and Diane! I’d forgotten about that. Spent the summer as a nanny in Westchester New York and went to a tailgate party, first time I drunk beer. JCM wall to wall.

Other people go to New York and become cool, I just turned redneck :(