Portable Speakers - talk to me

Do I have to get a Sonos Move, or are there better and cheaper options?


Just want to have some decent sound to take round the house with me, into the garden, on the bus etc.

I can't recommend any kind of speaker to a thunderkhunt who's going to play music through it on public transport.

Dunno about the Sonos Move but I have a Bose SoundLink Mini II which is very good. 

I've got a little Ultimate Ears splashproof one that does the job.  When the sailing world finally restarts I'll take it along so we can have music between races.

We've a Bose SoundLink Revolve +. Sound quality and battery life is great but don't use it on zoom calls, it goes fucking mental and will keep repeating "call ended" until do are tempted to take a hammer to it.

I'm sure the Sonos sounds good but do you really need the full Sonos functionality or will bluetooth driven off a phone do?  if the second of those, Bose; (they don't make the one i have any more but it's superb and i would buy again).  I have a tiny JBL speaker for the bathroom which cost less than £30 and is brilliant.  Can't recommend highly enough.  And I have an audio pro which is less easy to carry around and cost £120 and is twice as good than the JBL.  Also, per summersails, pls don't on the bus..........

I have a Bose SoundLink Mini II which is very good. 

I had one of these until Mrs Double D left it in the garden in the rain and it died.  Can confirm the B&O one linked about is at least 3 times as good, for less money.

Haha on the bus. The Sonos Move is good but rather heavy.



Although if I ever see some conveyencer in a Henri Lloyd jacket on the 1734 to Portsmouth I will be cracking out the choons pronto.

Fosco I only have one item of Henri Lloyd kit which pre-dates them becoming crap and insolvent and I wouldn't be wearing it on a bus or train.  Also I never sail from Portsmouth as it has a joke marina that's basically a shopping centre.

I also havre the Bose soundlink mini. It’s great.

I got an Ultimate Ears a year ago on prime from 50%, its superb, it was about £45

Haha that's me told.

Same here m7 - my fluro hood is barely even yellow anymore.



I have a Bowers & Wilkins T7. It’s good but quite pricey. Not sure I use it enough to have justified the price (I mostly just use headphones) but the sound quality is excellent for a mobile option.



I have Ultimate Ears Boom 2 as well. Think it's very good. Get a couple of them and you can link it all up through the app.

Had a T7.  Sounded good but a bit light on the bass and easy to knock over.

Switched it for a Ruark R1, and quite impressed.  The built in radio is useful for the garden, or for getting away from bloody phones.  Need a separate battery pack, which is a pain.  I guess the wood finish is a bit 1990s Rover...

I had heard good things about the Audio Pro Addon C5, which I bought and was impressed with, before the battery stopped working within about a week.

I had a Minirig for several years - great sound quality and battery life, and basically indestructible.   

+vote for Bose.  We have a SoundLink Mini II and a few SoundLink Micros. I think the Mini II is supposed to better sound but I can't really hear the difference and it isn't as portable.  The Micro(s) get used the most, grip on to things like rucksacks and bike handlebars, and will survive being left out in the garden in the rain.  They can all link together, too (hence the name) but we've never used them this way.

I hope my dad isn't reading this as he pretty much invented HiFi back in the 70s and is firmly of the view that Amar Bose is a knob.

A friend of a friend who is into this stuff swore the soundboom TCR 3 series really did the job at the low end but with portability.