Pop stars you once thought were cool but with age now scoff at


I hate pop stars and rock stars. What non footbally snob people think about footballers - that’s what I think about rock musicians basically.

conversely - pop stars you used to scoff at but are now cool - Rick Astley (x Blossoms doing the songs of THe Smiths live. Sweet).

Jay k 

Kanye West 

The bass player from Blur 

They were all supposed to be cool back in the day. 




another reason I’d have been a shockingly bad entertainment lawyer - I would have disliked the clients, the musicians anyway. Actors seem ok, I’ve known a couple.

Id have got on with the clients in sports law tho

Anthony Keidis. 


He went from Warchild to WTF?

Have you ever been to Electric Ladyland?, Anthony Kiedis classic line in Point  Break 1991 | Point break, Point break quotes, Anthony kiedis



Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis Has Heartbreaking News

Axl Rose is a great example of rock god cum middle aged blob.

Alice Cooper is still very cool despite spending a lot of time in Dubai and playing golf

Alice Cooper is apparently a solid gold Dude. 

He even appeared on an ep of Man v Food when it was good.

Was lucky enough to see him live on the Motley Crue farewell tour a few years back. Heh. The gazette ran an article on it, for some reason, which seemed to imply that he was a member of The Crue. I wrote in to put them right on that, and they published the letter. 

Kiedis has always been an annoying dick. I do quite like Alice Cooper yes

Ian Brown


Axl Rose looks like Benny Hill now. Once you see it, cannot be unseen. 

Yeah, thanks for the Axl Rose/Benny Hill thing.  Benny also made me unable to take Monty seriously (along with Justin Fletcher).

To add to the list, I used to think 5Star were good. Alas.

Alex James may not be cool (he was) but fook me who wouldnt have wanted his life in the 90s?

Bass players in general. I mean they always look cool but you know they're going to be nerdy perfectionists who end up living in Chipping Norton making cheese. Apart from Lemmy out of Motorhead.

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Axl Rose is a great example of rock god cum middle aged blob."



Royalty... mate... take that back.

Confused over what I should take back.

That I ever found him cool (I did) or that I now find the fact I bought his album 'Please Hammer don't hurt 'em' from HMV the day it came out absolutely cringe?

My first ever concert was MC Hammer at the Gmex, aged 11. 

Re: bass players

John Taylor was, is and will always be cool

TBF Alice Cooper always recognised his roots and influences.

My list of shame:

Robert Plant

Eric Clapton

Jury is still out on Jimmy Page

Percy is at least interested in lots of different stuff.

Clapton should know better, but how the mighty are fallen.

Page is a great player but utter thief of tunes. 

Not a pop star, but Rob Miller of seminal anarcho-crust merchants Amebix has transformed from a seemingly sensible chap  into a total moonbat wibbling around the fringes of holocaust denial. 

The scales really fell from my eyes with the Venga Boys. Turns out they weren't even boys some of them. 

Mr Blobby. Turns out he could speak English the whole time and was just putting the voice on to get near kids. 

Wot octo said. His work for the Teenage Cancer Trust is only to be applauded.