Pollen Bomb

I and a few others I know have really been struggling over the last couple of weeks which is odd as wet weather usually makes things better.

Eat local honey!  Support the bees and protect yourself from hay fever.

If you live in two places do the two kinds of honey not counteract each other?

I have to take a double dose of those one a day over the counter anti-histamines.

I have been suffering since the warm weather in February/March

I'm really struggling this year too.  Normally I'm fine in town but not this year.

If you are in London the generalised diesel stinkage and the Tube dust make the pollen fifty times worse.  

Never had an easy summer working in London.  Now I’m in the country with trees and grass bombarding me with pollen and I never have a single sneeze.  

Sussex has lovely clean air.

See I’m back in London and now slightly sniffly but last night in Sussex after twenty minutes walking in long grass my eyes were itchy as hell and nose streaming and an anti-histamine only got me down to slightly itchy eyes and able to breathe through one nostril.