The PM said talks were at a "crucial stage"

What are they talking about?


The EU have said over and bloody over again it will not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement.

I have had a fvbcking shedfull of the whole thing

What she’s at is of course running the clock down so she can go back to parliament with her ‘deal’ 2 days before the deadline and say “Well here it is, I tried, but it is this or the complete disaster of a crash out - which is it to be?”

so she came back with nothing, well i never. why was she there then?

I reckon she's having a secret affair in Brussels and this is all a really elaborate cover story.

wot strutter said, obv.

someone needs to stop her before its too late. 

That "someone" doesn't want to. He's tending his marrows down the allotment.  

there are many other "someones" tho, Ray.  I hope they are planning something spectacular behind the scenes.

but really parliament needs to get a fvcking grip and stand up for what is right instead of letting this madness carry on to (what is increasingly seeming like) its inevitable conclusion.

I still don't understand why a dozen or so mad old Tory duffers can be allowed to ruin this Country.

I still don't understand why 10 mad DUPpers can be allowed to ruin this country.

Fixed that for you Chambo.

17 million voted to leave, but it is certainly a mess.

I suppose there might be some kind of written understanding the EU could sign about the backstop which is not legally binding but satisfies those who othewise hate the withdrawal agreement.

Or Labour might support the WA on the basis the will be a referendum after we leave although it would be a very hard job to devise fair questions for a second one and makes we remainers look like sore losers.

Thanks Ray. The DUP Northern Irish are mental anyway. imprenetrable accents and stupid marches around Belfast wearing orange regalia and banging drums.

The Southern Irish are great. Many a good weekend in Dublin, usually centred around rugby games.

I like Ireland and the Irish. Some of the Northern ones are a bit too shouty, I can't understand what they're shouting about, but there you go.

If you walk into a pub in Dublin wearing an England fleece after a game, which we usually lost, they'd buy you a pint of Guinness and take the proverbial.

Good banter.