Please tell me what you think of recruitment companies and sites... and help the Personal Support Unit

We  are undertaking a survey of the use of recruiters by legal professionals with up to 8 years PQE working in leading law firms, or looking for a legal job, and I would love to hear your feedback. The online survey takes around 5 minutes to complete and for every completed survey received we will donate £5 to The Personal Support Unit, a UK charity that supports people who have to represent themselves in court.

If you haven't time to complete the survey any thoughts on what you look for from a recruitment company and why you have chosen a specific recruiter to use would be useful. The survey link is here: 

IRN Research is registered under the Data Protection Act and abides by the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct and all answers are treated in complete confidence and are kept anonymous .



Ok but first, Gary, please tell me what you think about the riemann hypothesis


You know - what legal recruitment needs is yet another website to upload your CV to with no idea of who the actual people are who are dealing with it...

If only I'd thought of that myself!

Gary - hello.

I don't use a recruiter, I look for an available job and then grit my teeth and endure the inevitable crapness of the recruiter dealing with it.  (present company excepted, beermonster).  

I wouldn't give my CV to a recruitment company unless there was a specific job I wanted to apply for.


I have seen some fairly crass data gathering campaigns from recruiters in my time Gary, but this one must be up there.

No offence to Beermonster who, by various accounts, seems to be pretty good.

I've probably just endorsed one of your competitors.



I started filling this out as a joke but couldnt even manage that 

Most recent jobs I got I've been approached directly by the firms interested in hiring me rather than used a recruiter.  In fact, thinking about it, the job before that I got by applying direct, and the job prior to that I was approached by the MD.

Not used a recruiter in ten years, shocking tbf.