please recommend me some v fun movies

properly enjoyable ones that are not tedious or depressing or revolting

fun movies

Trading places

working girl

The princess bride 


of course :-) they invested post it notes, don't you know


Might just watch those back to back on Saturday tbh 

big lebowski. but it requires a bit more watching.


mad max: fury road

on paper, absolutely not my sort of thing

but it’s an epic, fun, breathless couple of hours of total madness

Can’t believe I agree with guy about something. Only because Emily blunt’s in it tho

Overboard is my favourite rom com - very funny. I also like The Proposal. 

Naked gun. ‘Hey, Drebin, I gotta message for you from Mr Ludwig’   ‘Stop shooting when you’re speaking, I can’t hear the message!’

What sort of vintage?

I'll give you one from each decade:

  • Bringing up Baby
  • Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House
  • Some Like it Hot
  • How to Steal a Million
  • A New Leaf
  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
  • Groundhog Day

Clergs have you ever watched Harold and Maude? If not I think you might like it.

The whole Naked Gun series is great, I love me some Leslie Nielson.

Also Airplane! is fun for a laugh.

I quite like the Brady Bunch movies from the 1990s, but probably helps to be American.

Austin Powers kind of good for a chuckle, all of them are pretty good but I like the first 2 best.

The only thing in life I get anxiety about (and have recurring nightmares about) is missing a plane, train, or similar because I've got to the station/port/airport late. That hilarious movie gives me butterflies lol

I got on the wrong train once. 
I got off at the next stop went back

had missed the last train.

slept in the station

Got first train the next day

no tramps bum raped me but it was cold.


Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga - surprisingly good.


The Oracle at Delphi:

mad max: fury road

on paper, absolutely not my sort of thing

but it’s an epic, fun, breathless couple of hours of total madness


subtitle: ‘Islamic state: the movie’

wasnt this basically one step below torture porn and unrelentingly grim? Not heard anyone call it fun before. genuinely interested

bad moms is very funny

dodgeball and zoo lander are stiller at his peak. Tropic thunder is uneven but has properly hilarious sections. 
might get that Eurovision thing on your recommendation. Had seen it on rarbg but thought it looked crap

Heamus Sheeney

The Campaign is funny


as cancer. Stopped watching after about 25 mins. Dire. 


Any of the Lethal Weapon films. Just pure escapism nonsense (and yes I know he is a terrible person etc, but they are still great).

Beverly Hills Cop

Terminator (only the first one)


Labour Day.


The Heat with Sandra Bullock. Still funny the second time.

working girl

I was watching this last week and thought Harrison Ford's suits c1986 are arguably still stylish today, whereas Melanie Griffith's character's clothes were an abomination.  Female fashion is a fvcking SCAM.  I'm still furious about the 15 year tyranny of skinny jeans. 

Howle's Moving Castle

The Sound of Music

The Man from La Mancha (with Peter O'Toole and Sophia Loren)

Freaky Friday (Jodie Foster or Lindsay Lohan versions)

Bring it On 

Mean Girls

Bride & Prejudice

Bridget Jones's Diary

Zoolander 2 is worth it for Penelope Cruz's introductory line, flipping open her Interpol badge

'Agent Valentina Valencia. Fashion Police'

How to Steal a Million is an excellent choice. 

Priceless (in French).

Easy A. 

Hot Fuzz. 

If you want late 90s rom coms I think Notting Hill and Shakespeare in Love hold up well.





i presume this is a joke. I sobbed on and off throughout and immediately decided it was the best film I never wanted to see again. I found it heart rending 

I'm still furious about the 15 year tyranny of skinny jeans.

Seems that the tables are turned as I only see (male) hipsters wearing them these days. Are you mollified? 

No Porpy, because we've merely replaced them with the despotism of high-waisted jeans, which are now inescapable.   Why must jeans corset us this way?  Why aren't they making all-you-can-eat-buffet-friendly jeans?

Cant believe noone has suggested:



Or (for a particularly fun lockdown in the style of a perpetual Caledonian Express): Snowpiercer.

I second (or possibly third) the Will Ferrell Eurovision one.  Expected to hate it but it was a bit of a laugh.  Our kids described it as being so bad it was good.  A bit like the Greatest Showman in terms of the critics hating it but it gets traction on user review sites


" being so bad it was good" same as Eurovision itself then. 


+1 for Bring it On - such an unexpectedly enjoyable movie

Troll Hunter (watch it in Norwegian with English subtitles)

Yes! Agree 'What we do in the Shadows', funniest nicest thing I've seen for YEARS.

Clyde just reminded me about the two new Jumanji films.

Agreed on Jumanji, despite (a) the being arse dribble; and (b) Jack Black being arse dribble

Manchester By The Sea


Lives of Others

Schindler's List


Dead Man's Shoes

Heh at Phil’s list. Dead Man’s Shoes still haunts me.

I am a massive fan of Kung fu films so I will recommend you some personal faves:

Enter the Dragon - still one of the most stylish films ever....the opening credit sequence alone still makes me smile.

Kung Fu Hustle - zero plot (if that) but really entertaining fight sequences.

Hero - This is such a great film. Very good choreography and camerawork.

Incidentally, the guy who directed Hero, Zheng Yimou, has a film that is currently on Netflix -’s unfathomably shit and pointless. The first fight doesn’t happen for over an hour and the protagonist uses an umbrella as a weapon....which he said he had made for the fight. Also there are only two fights in the entire film. I was so disgusted that I went and threw a brick through the window of a Chinese takeaway and then felt a bit bad when I found out it was actually a Thai restaurant

Mugen, if you haven’t already seen Shaolin Soccer (by same guy who did Kung Fu Hustle), I highly recommend.