Plan C - here we go

It’s all over every media outlet. Clearly HMG have clearly briefed the press . No mixing of households. How about fook off 

Difficult to know if this is a psy-op designed as the stick to Javid’s carrot of “no restrictions for now”, to encourage booster take-up. I think it would be widely ignored. 

If only we had a dedicated tracing regime and could pinpoint what is the main cause of infection transmission.  If only. 

JC , but 80% of adults have been double jabbed, there aren’t any many left to jab ??

I know, but hospitalisation and death is centred on the age group that would benefit from a booster. 

Urgh, how are we still doing this. 

Sajid said you can go online and get your booster if you haven’t been invited and had your second jab six months ago . I tried this morning and you definitely can’t unless you are a NHS worker . It’s a fooking complete mess 

Household mixing is a good call, as that’s the great unspoken cause of Covid still spreading. Catch catch the horror taxi.

Who the fvck cares that it is spreading? 86% of the population is vaccinated. If that’s not enough then we need to live with it - particularly where the people bleating about more restrictions were only two weeks ago saying that booster jabs are immoral and we should send them all abroad (and as Crypto said, are responsible for delaying the booster programme).  

In all serious, what is the end game? We seem to have no idea why we have higher cases than other countries, what measures will have the most impact or where we want to be in 6 months. All we do is scream SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. It will not end well.

Lots of communities are below that level. The nudge unit seem to have given up on getting them vaxxed. 

Agreed jc.

So sajid was lying when he said you could book online

Restrictions will probably not end in our lifetimes

I do think it's hilarious they've announced this the same week the pm admits not doing it himself

You don't go from two years of insanity back to sanity 

"Lots of communities are below that level"

So what?

if they don't want to be vaccinated (and you're talking about groups with historically low take up of all vaccines) then that's up to them. If they get ill and die then 🤷🏻‍♀️



Indeed Linda , as I say there aren’t many left to be jabbed . 

we need the former vaccine minister back , no idea what the current one has been doing . Not seen her on any press outlets 

The vaccine won't stop huge numbers from dying

Which is why it was never an end to restrictions

The average vaccinated death is 85 years old with five underlying conditions

But tough shit, shut down the world

I thought you could only get a booster if over Ebit?

The need to vaxx the shit out of 12-18 year olds. The cases are spreading the most among the young which coincidentally have the lowest vaxx rates.

sails Im an astmatic , and medicate daily so I am bumped up the list massively.

Clyde apparently 4 million 12-18 year olds have been jabbed according to a Dr on TV this morning

Why is the booster uptake so slow? Lack of delivery or that those eligible are hoping that they don't need it?

Cases spread most among people at school

Vaccines won't stop that 

Also, who cares

If you die of covid then, if the alternative is extreme and mad restrictions, absolutely tough shit

I'm happy to volunteer handing out the last minute Will forms 

Place C = I can ignore it and every single one of my friends and family in England will ignore it based on conversations I've had (okay some may balk but generally I believe them).

I'm all for restrictions I can ignore. I can't ignore the gyms being closed and shops being closed.

But seriously, no more lockdowns. no more border closure. no more school closures. no mask mandates. no more treating covid differently than the flu. It has the same IFR now according to HMG itself. Then we treat it like we have flu. annual vaccine for those who want it. wash your hands. stay home if you're sick. Move on with life!

also if 2 doses don't stop the virus spreading why would 3?

It’s 7 months sails since my last jab my GP insists I’m eligible as I was eligible to be bumped up first time round by virtue of my asthma .

The vaccine won't stop huge numbers from dying

It has already significantly reduced the number of deaths. But don’t let statistics get in the way of screaming. 

I’d rather they implement plan B now , than wait for things to escalate and fook up Christmas again 

EBIT - The issue is if Plan B is implemented Devi and the cohort will take that as a "win" (this is not about public) and within 2 weeks it will be a crescendo for lockdown. 

The same bullshit plan again and again

i am the only one in my household without covid atm. I have scoffed throughout the last 2 years but fooooook me, even double jabbed it is not a nice illness. 

Yes but is it "live with restrictions for years to decades" not nice?

No. It's flu.

Plan B will do nothing except ramp up the fear

People up here still shout at others to distance in the street

Plan B is basically wearing masks indoors. Not exactly a big deal.

And the vaccine might have reduced deaths

But covid is going to make living past 85 more of a novelty

Ofc restrictions will make living that far more of a novelty too

Masks are the source of the irrational terror. They do nothing, they are uncomfortable but they remind everyone to be terrified of the invisible foe.

Health minister “ it’s not time to act as YET “ FFS . I can’t rule out another lockdown “ but boris did though ??

ebitda, as someone who hates other people that's fine for me.

Good for you. Stay at home forever anyway then, no one minds 

presumably you don't live in an economic bubble, immune from the damage wfh causes?

Funny how the rest of Europe seems to be able to do covid management without everything turning to shit. It's a nailed on certainty that this govt will lurch from zero measures to all the measures once it transpires that they've f*cked it up AGAIN

absolutely what clergham said in her second para at 08:27

if the alternative to you dying of covid is a mad shutdown of everything that makes society a society - then I don’t care if you die of covid, sorry 

I also don’t care if hospitals get overwhelmed if the alternative is etc 

Yes, this "not exactly a big deal (for me)" and "fine for me" attitude is so selfish. Good that it's not a big deal for you, you can take any steps you want. It's when you decide things for others eg that children should wear masks while trying to learn or lonely old people shouldn't be able to have their friends around that you should realize you're being a selfish arse and that government has no business something as deadly as flu

no business doing this for something as deadly as flu*

Can’t get through on 119 either. Besides a message says unless you have received an invite we can’t book it for you. That’s not what Saj said yesterday..

Id love another lockdown i thought it was proper bo selecta before - all that baking and long walks in the countryside. Our sceptred isle will look beautiful in the Autumn. Then home to a thick stew and home made bread. The way life should be.

Surely not a case of it taking time for government IT to be updated.  Try again tomorrow and they'll probably have finished tweaking the algorithm.

Seems the magic number for restrictions is 100,000 cases a day so £20 to the RNLI says we don't get to that point any time and that within a week plan B is forgotten as cases naturally fall back again.

Hotnow - you can live your life like that without lockdown....

This thread can be summarised as:



Nah m7 I’ve got to go to the office 2 days a week - where’s the civil liberties mob complaining about that imposition?


I miss lockdown. Office was quieter, trains were quieter, walking around the City was less of a pain in the bum. I hope they bring it back in the next couple of weeks -- start of November would work nicely. 


Sails the government have refused to be drawn on a number whatsoever, they haven’t even implied a number..

They have as it's reported in the press this morning albeit deep in the articles about plan whatever letter we're on now.

I don't miss lockdown at all. It was more bearable when 100% furloughed, but that's not going to happen again. I'm happy to have my countryside walks and stew at the weekend.

And if social distancing comes in under plan B that will sink many more pubs, bars and restaurants

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