Pizza Express
Sorrydidyousay… 26 Sep 19 15:19
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Most over-rated item: dough balls.

I like my pizza express like I like my women: American, hot. And, er, with extra mushrooms.

I don’t usually order starters in PE. None of them are any good tbh

I love the dough balls as a vehicle for eating copious amounts of garlic butter.

I don't have a preferred option.  Pizza is mood-dependent.

Always Romano base tho.

Texas BBQ from dominos is far superior to anything pizza express produce.

agreed re romana base 

also, with the american hot - roquito peppers pls not jalapenos 

I used to be a pizza hut man, but haven’t been for years and gather it has gone downhill

It's the same as it always has been but now making far more of its money from delivery than the restaurants.

the American light with the hole cut of the middle for the salad is really good.

restaurants, pizza express not amongst them happily, that start off with a perfectly good and tasty bruschetta and then get bored of that and start fvcking around with them are the lowest of the low. no punishment would be too much for them. imbecilic fvck weasels the lot of them.


so well done pe.  plus great with kids


serving something made with dough with pizza is just bizarre -see also garlic bread.  The one food group you are not lacking when you order pizza is doughy carbs.

if they've mucked around with the bruschetta and gone pop, then frankly I don't care.  to quote our great PM, "fvck em"


I used to like that mushroom bruschetta which was basically smothered in a sort of garlic cream?

pollo ad astra,

big peroni


30% of on Mondays and Tuesdays #student

Most over-rated item: dough balls.

This is wrong.

Always Romano base tho.

This is right.

PE is brilliant and ideal when with the brats

This is right.

serving something made with dough with pizza is just bizarre 

This is wrong.

in this case "PE is brilliant...." I assume he meant Private Equity?

Pizza Express is a life saver for anyone with children. BTW the halloumi bites are a pretty good starter and it has to be Veneziana with Romana base and extra anchovies.


That is prob the most stereotypically London middle class post I have ever done.

Wot Judy said re bruschetta. It's yum but it's not really classic as they put pesto on top.

The pizzas with the holes are an outrageous ripoff.