A pigeon died slamming into my window

I've buried it in the garden 


What does it mean ? 

it means you've cleaned your windows recently and the reflection looked like clear air to the pigeon.

Not an omen I'm afraid, on a nice sunny day at our house on top of a hill, it was like a massacre for all sorts of birds.  Makes a hell of a noise.

Was this in the Edinburgh region?

If so, it might have been one of the pigeons that clergs had been shouting at in her local park and which made the mistake of listening to what she was saying and decided to end it all as a result.

I had a pigeon slam into my conservatory window before, knocked itself out and then my cat pounced on it and ate it. it was pretty gruesome but at least I didn't need to bury it. 

Windows haven't been cleaned in ages and was actually thinking they could do with a clean


I have plants on the window sill maybe that's it 

But it's the only time it's happened 

a particularly large and juicy Thrush once died hitting our front window.  My dad thought the bird was so impressive that he'd get it stuffed.   To preserve it for a few days he put it in a bag and popped it in the fridge.  My sister got home from school, opened the fridge... and screamed the house down.  It was very funny.

Goes without saying that it was the fault of the Tozzas. They should have provided more money for pigeon flight training courses, but because of austerity......