picking/instructing a dj for your wedding

is it not sensible to create a list of songs and hand them to the dj? it's going to make his life easier and your wedding more fun

and shouldn't one hand the dj a list of songs which he must not play as a safety precaution?

why does no one do this?

We did that. The DJ had a portal on his website and we uploaded the choices. We asked, as part of the invitation RSVP, for two song choices that people wanted. And we judged a lot of people on their choices. Haha. We had a huge list and he could only play part of it as a result. But it was super fun and everyone was on the dance floor until the end, which was all we wanted :) (biggest disappointment was the venue not letting the DJ have his confetti cannons, but you can't have everything)

aha! so I'm not the only one with that idea. cos a bad dj who misassesses the crowd or doesn't care can ruin everything innit. music which is too eclectic/undergroundy is not the best choice either

congrats to your nice wedding!

I struggle to see the advantage of a dj at all these days - whats wrong with just setting up a play list and pressing play?

good question! because if I add together all the songs I want maybe I still don't cover 6-8 hours?

I think most people give their DJs some pointers these days.

Instructions to DJ

DJ is referred to the enclosed pile of 45 RPM records.

DJ is asked to appear on behalf of those instructing him/her/them 

Go on, add to these. You muthas

At every wedding, one of our DJs will be obliged to play a track by Dexy's Midnight Runners in order to satisfy the inebriated uncle of the bride.  This term is not negotiable.

moans about instructing newlyweds failing to properly number the paylist


yeah, she/we didn't mention it anymore and we had a fab WE

let's create a song exclusion list, what not to play on a wedding:

1. whitesnake - here i go again

If DJ has any questions concerning these instructions he is asked please to contact the happy couple at their convenience. The one with the mirrored flat surfaces. 

For a big birthday I gave the DJ some pointers but as I'd seen him play at a wedding I was pretty relaxed.  I went down the selfish route and chose the things I wanted to hear and dance to and seems some of my friends didn't appreciate Darude and the like.

Just get a band.  Not a blinking DJ.  

The best ones are the armed forces ones.  It may be “British Grenadier”  in the daytime but in the evening they absolutely rock ...