Phoebe Dates

not a great week for Phoebe!


- I am currently on Guardian Soulmates, last week a chap and I organised a date for Tuesday. Come Tuesday, radio silence 

- I arrived at a pub 30 minutes early and met a very good looking chap, after 50 minutes he mentioned that his fiancé was buying a wedding dress today

- I was out for drinks with a chap who is married, he enquired  pre drinks if he needed to sort out an overnight stay with his his wife. I had never done anything with him before.



Doing better than me.  One date recently and she's gone silent as she's worrying that she's only been separated two years and isn't actually ready for a relationship.  Why do I manage to choose the ones who have recent break up issues?

Merkz, I am currently trying a new thing where I try and only snog single people looking for a relationship.


It is very dull

Just been cancelled on for tonight.  Not especially concerned about missing out on that particular woman, it is just annoying to now have no plans and my black book is sadly rather slim these days. 

when I was online dating I would routinely book two first dates in a day. It was a very high probability that at least one would cancel. On occasion both did. I also had some occasions where I had both dates (530-6pm and 9pm). 

but at a minimum you should have alternative plans on the assumption that a first date from online has a high flake probability 

Just been cancelled on for tonight. 

Surely the advantage of Tinder etc is being able to arrange a date with someone new that same evening?

Not all of us have your good looks and personality Stru,


so have to scrabble around to even even find one person to go on a date with me