Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby

Has this been misrepresented? They haven't come out of it very well in any case!

Think it's a case of where the bigger f*ck up was the excuse. Should of either said nothing or apologised.

Schofield looks guilty af in that photo where he is looking up, almost like he has been caught doing something inappropriate.

So they did skip the queue then. Cos they weren’t photographed like Beckham feigning tears for 8 hours (still hoping for a knighthood i reckon). 

Susanah Reid, an actual journalist who presents a news programme on ITV, joined The Queue with all the shellsuits rather than skip it to go through the media entrance. 

So then, tabloid telly monkeys with no idea of how to strike the right tone at a serious time absolutely non shocka. But big knockers. 

Holly Willoughby's knockers should get a state funeral and 21 gun salute when she goes.

Holly has done extremely well on the program she co- presents, given she has little talent. Oh wait her husband is the producer.

They jumped the queue , pure and simple. They could have reported on the ocassion like hundreds of other journos did by asking /interviewing people. Or god forbid they could have asked their collegue Susannah Reid, who works 10 steps away. Bet they never did.

I did like Susannah on GMB yesterday surreptiously having proper digs at them by constantly referencing 25 times, about her and her mother of 81 years, queueing for 6 hours. Brilliant.

SR is no journo but she’s more than capable of seeing those two off 

And Philip Schofield.

Dame Holly is a much loved presenter, and a particular favourite of hard working families watching mid-morning TV.

Holly, has apparently called Lawyers in FFS. What on earth for, what does she expect them to actually do?

The whole thing is utterly bizarre and basically some weird celeb virtue signalling by those who ignored the short cut and stood in the queue.

She left a few years ago, Ash.  To the relief of those of us who didn't particularly want to see her knickers whilst watching Breakfast.

  • Who is in Holly’s ‘legal team’?
  1. One thing's for certain.
  • It'll not be some Z-list desk jockey from RoF.

I can't believe people queued for 12 hours. I couldn't be arsed queuing an hour for The Smiler so I find it absolutely crazy to queue for 12 hours to spend 30 seconds looking at a probably empty box. 

For some it is less about the queen than participating in national hysteria.

The last lady in the queue had been already.

I might be included as i travelled to Windsor on the Sunday.

I reckon Becks just queued so that he could feel good about muttering at the coffin when he finally reached it:

”Serves you f*cking right, b*tch, for never giving me that knighthood that I so deserve!”

Security issue flagged if Holly and Phil could get through a VIP queue. Holly won’t have queued for years. She probably wings it to the front at everything and didn’t  have the sense to realize this could be different. 

I thought there was a special queue for journalists and other high flyers?

Otherwise, did they just barge a couple of plebs out of the way?