Ph.D in Advanced Woke Studies

Is ‘Deliberate Offence Finding’ an academic study now?

“i’s poli’ical correc’ness gawn MAAAD!!!!”




Please read the article and report back when this has been achieved.

“read? why read when i can gammon-rage?”

"She went on to read Comparative Literature and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Harvard University"

Pretty much the OED definition of a Red Flag I'd have thought.

No doubt she'd be pleased to know that I think she's quite fit

Interesting that this over-privileged white girl doesn’t hesitate to seek attention by speaking for her “black friend”

"My PhD thesis turns to contemporary American artists and writers who create speculative archives, focusing on John Keene, Adrian Piper, Avery Gordon, Renée Green, Cheryl Dunye, and Zoe Leonard. These invented archives creatively respond to the biases and deficiencies of the “real” archive while playfully exploring the possibilities and limitations of historical evidence as form. My project draws on recent thought in queer theory and black studies, particularly the linked concepts of critical fabulation (Saidiya Hartman) and Afro-fabulation (Tavia Nyong’o)."

I hear the recent advances in queer theory are actually groundbreaking, and may shake up queer physics as we know it. 

Fabulation: To make something FAB-U-LOUS, dah-link.

You are not even scratching the surface of this madness.  Try feminist glaciology from people who are not so much trying to change science as profoundly misunderstanding what science actually is:-

'Government funded doctorate '

There never seems to be a shortage of money for this sort of nonsense 

Fvck me, that study is bollox

"Given the prominent place of glaciers both within the social imaginary of climate change and in global environmental change research, a feminist approach has important present-day relevance for understanding the dynamic relationship between people and ice..." 

I'm intrigued what the lecturer was reading out. If they were discussing the poetry of NWA's early lyrics then hard to avoid the N word really.