Pet peeves in the office


People who but into a matter halfway through, decide to do things their way, blow the budget, fvck all the docs up and then bugger off three quarter of the way in. 



^ that was for ZG.


Also, people who break the printer and don't call IT or whoever 

People who don't close their office doors when on speakerphone

Or people who come up to the printer and start riffling through the output tray when you are in the middle of printing something.

People who walk into my office when the door is shut.  If I wanted people in my office it would be open.

People who insist on holding meetings to discuss something that could be done by email.

People who start asking you a question about some matter they've been working on for ages without bothering to explain the background assuming you know as much as they do.  I now automatically ask a colleague to start from the beginning as soon as he tries to ask me a question.

People who ask you specific questions, don't want to give you any further context, then take your advice totally out of context, totally fuck everything up and try to blame you.  These people are why email filing exists and why you always back up conversations with a CYA summary email containing the "these are the things we haven't discussed and here are some further considerations" stuff.

Pompous twats thinking their vocation is some kind of status symbol when it is glorified paper shuffling that could be done by a monkey and a properly programmed computer. I guess that's the downside of working in a law firm. 

"People who walk into my office when the door is shut"

Tbf the joke's on them when they get a bloody nose.

It's a bummer having to pick up the splinters of wood tho

People who reheat some rank curry shit in the microwave...

People who backstab

People who bring the whole mood of the team down

People who pay lip service to doing things and never get on with it

Bad management/leadership

People who don't wash up their mugs.

People who don't wash up their mugs.

^^This (almost) people who leave plates & mugs on the counter top ABOVE the feckin dishwasher.

Too important or posh to open the fecking dishwasher? Then you're lucky that I'm not too important or posh to put your personal mug with pictures of your cat / football team badge on it in the feckin bin.


People who don't keep their mobile on silent. 

People who don't keep their mobile on silent then wander off to a meeting leaving their desk.

It's always the olds that are the main culprits of this too. 

It's always the olds that are the main culprits of this too. 


Bollox, it's us olds who have it permanently on silent (both, work & personal) so we can blissfully ignore it. You young 'uns need to remember that the phone is there for your convenience too not just the callers.

Whoever it is who produces those massive floaty poos and then just leaves them there as a sort of shrine to their faecal fecundity.

People from other floors or departments who come and pebble dash your loo and then wander off.

Gutted that no one has done the Peter Purves in the office prolif.