The perils of someone else making travel arrangements in London

Last night’s hotel was near City airport, having had prep meetings at a hotel near LHR yesterday; yet today’s meeting is in SE1. I may as well have driven in from where I live.   It will take almost the same amount of time to get there. So frustrating. 

It's like a work travel department who booked me a ticket on the Heathrow Express so I could get the Tube from London Bridge to Paddington to get the train instead of just getting the Tube all the way.

or indeed anywhere

I let solicitors book my hotel for the last arbitration I did in [far east] and it was a good 30 minute taxi ride from the arbitration venue. so frustrating.

Could you claim for the hotel cost and just make your own arrangements?

The time saved getting between City Airport, LHR and SE1 would more than justify the 15mins it took you to sort it online.

Heffalump is far too rich and important to have to do the grubby things in life, like make his own transport arrangements.