A people's vote vote

See if this passes and the extension one doesn't?!?!

What will happen??


Not going to happen


starmer has confirmed labour won’t be voting for it 

Instead we're stuck with the Poopholes' Vote.


i.e. whatever sh1show comes out of Parliament.

Why are labour such cunts? They are literally worse than the government.

And that’s why they are ten points down in the polls

Either that or people are full of admiration for T May’s strong and stable government 


I think the idea is not to put the people’s vote to a vote until may’s deal and a few others are properly dead in the water. 

The best hope for a peoples vote realistically will be whether we wish to rejoin rather than sign up the pointless (but least worst) Norway plus arrangement this is all leading to.

as an aside the people's vote campaign has also come out against today's vote for a people's vote.



Today is about an extension. 

PV can be considered later. 

why not have a referendum on whether to have a people’s vote?