People you would love to have a conversation with


edward Snowden 

bernie Sanders 

Bill Gates 

annegret Kramp Karrenbauer




Someone at HSBC business banking who has a fucking clue and isn't completely unintelligible would be nice.

My Northern room mate, but I can't understand a word he says. 

was reading yesterday about a woman who met Donna Tartt and she was a total cunt to her and she felt sad and disappointed

so I am going to say "none of my heroes ever"

and maybe a robot companion

Are we sure that Snowden didn't flee to Russia to try and escape traumatico's amorous advances?

Anyone experiencing a high volume of calls at the moment. 

Living people only?

If so, Kissinger, Vladislav Surkov, Blair and Angela Merkel. 

I don't like any of them, but it would be really fascinating to understand the big decisions they have made. 

On a lighter note, Jurgen Klopp, Douglas Murray and Rachel Riley (just because I really fancy her).

If deados count - Zoroaster, Confucius, Mohammed and Jesus. 

(not the others though, they are all, like, totes evil)

Jesus would be a dullard fgs

Check our all the boring stuff he said in the Bible 

Jesus lives, my friend.

He keeps asking me to let him in. I have bought a second dead lock for the front door.

your mother, but then I'm seeing her later on this afternoon so not a problem.

Yeah, but he turned water into wine. Who cares what he's chatting about?

I'd love a boozy lunch with Hadley freeman and Caitlin Moran 

Good in theory but I reckon it was some sort of over oaked chardonnay 

I’d also like a conversation with Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway so I could talk them into having sex with me, ideally simultaneously.

Barack Obama

Rannulph Fiennes

David Attenborough

Sebastião Salgado

Check our all the boring stuff he said in the Bible 

This has really tickled me.

Supes, that is a great list. Not a huge fan of Obama, but he looks good fun and is obviously a stand-up guy. 

Lol at T-Pot. I love it.

I mean the Bible was presumably the edited highlights ffs

I was thinking „what, no mum joke?“ but ig delivered 

What the flying fuck you wanna talk about with Klopp other than footie

Blair and Kenneth Clarke might be interesting 

The rogue Maxwell if he was still alive