People who use Microsoft Teams

They were the guys who had Betamax instead of VHS, right?

In my  limited experience works better than Zoom and doesn't have an arbitrary time limit to encourage you to subscribe.

I've had Teams meetings with very senior doctors, all of whom used comedy backgrounds during tedious discussions over licensing rights.

Why is law so conservative?

It's moderately less shit than Zoom. Googlemeet seems okay too. 

Betamax was technically superior to VHS so not sure what OP means here if trying to diss Teams (which btw I agree is sh1te)

I really like BT MeetMe conference calls - proper old skol. 

Way better than Zoom. It feels very antiquated to still receive Zoom invites now. 

You've been invited to a conference call. Press *1 to accept. 

I haven’t had a Teams meeting where something hasn’t gone wrong. Either mic or video don’t come on or cut off half way through, you can’t get in at all, or you get cut off during the middle.

Can't say I notice much difference between Zoom and Teams for calls.

Slack is much better than Teams for chat though

I refuse video calls in almost all cases. Today I was the only person on a landline unseen and everyone else chose to be seen. It worked fine. I don't know everyone seems to want to see people on phone calls.  Since the 1920s solicitors have used telephones for work and have not had to see the person at the other end.

"Doesn't have an arbitrary time limit to make you subscribe" - like subscription service Microsoft Teams?

Teams is popular, as pancakes has pointed out, partly because it's bundled in free for any firms who already have a Microsoft 365 (i.e. Office 365) subscription. Zoom is mega-popular but that kind of bundling gives Microsoft a huge advantage is driving adoption against other competitors. It should also, in theory, integrate better with Office than Zoom but I haven't seen that so far.

The other major reason some like Teams is Zoom's infamous security issues from earlier (Zoombombing) which scared off a number of law firms' IT departments (as well as clients' ones). I use both and prefer Zoom - it is much more intuitive - but let's not pretend Zoom's overlords didn't relegate security priorities in order to achieve rapid growth early on.

In any case, both Zoom and Teams have seriously raised the bar for video call apps in 2020. Does anyone remember the crapness of GoToMeeting or Webex?

I know little about either Zoom or Teams, but some regulated organisations seem to be gravitating towards Teams due to it being more compatible with their compliance obligations, particularly the recording and archiving of communications.

Do Links still use Webex? Whenever I got an invitation from them on that, I couldn't access it from my work computer.

Err - Teams video calling is part of a much wider collaboration and project management tool. They are incomparable. I appreciate self-important gimps who still rely on email and wanky leather bound notebooks to “organise” probably don’t get it.