People who think Die Hard is a Christmas film
Sir Woke XR Re… 01 Dec 22 09:58
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is Moving to New York by Wombats a Christmas song?

It is a Christmas film.

The tower hijack is really just a side plot, the main story of the film is a Christmas redemption tale of a cop who was afraid to draw his gun who rediscovers the magic of killing.

Die Hard is all about the struggle to get to your family for Christmas and any fool who lives in London and tries to get back to some other part of the UK for Christmas can see themselves in John McClane.

Anyone who uses "The Wombats" as either a point of reference or refers to them as "music" in anything other than an ironic way needs their hard drive checked ASAP.

See also: Pidgeon Detectives, and any other band from what "Gor blimey, guvnor, we're proper cheeky chappies", Fratelli's wannabe period, who all sounded as if they shared a "vocalist".


Do better.

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the wombats r good u chodemeister


OMG, you're actually serious. 


Mate, they're sh1te.

They're the sh1te-est pile of sh1te since sh1te was invented.

"is Moving to New York by Wombats a Christmas song?"

No, but Wombling Merry Christmas by the Wombles is an absolute CLASSIC.

Is Home Alone a Christmas movie? That are Die Hard are basically the same film: trying to see your family at Christmas while dealing with an office tower/house full of baddies. 


If culkin had said yippee kai eh motherfooker when launching the paint tin it would have been ace

i think we did a vote on best xmas films at one point (was it a wangs world cup? i think it was) and inexplicably die hard won out over a muppet christmas carol which proves that roffers overall are idiots 

Die Hard is a very good Christmas movie, but Training Day is a much better Christmas movie.  Because I watched it on Christmas Day once.


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