People queuing to get into bars last night at midnight

Love to see it, absolute dedication to the lash


I’d have been tempted to join them

Had I been a publican I’d have thrown a GOODBYE LOCKDOWN party and given out Whitty and Sridhar masks on the door

Some poker rooms opened at 00:01am today. Good effort. 

I'd be tempted to skive off to catch a showing of Nomadland today but I am afraid that there would be reporters stationed outside wanting to talk to people.

so what? just tell them GET DOWN THE BATTLE CRUISER AND CHIN LOTS OF NELSON then head on inside

Might have a pint of Nelson at the local, opens in 3 mins.....

I bet ebitda was queueing outside spoons at 7am today like the good old days.

Crossing from the other thread. Laz as PM surely needs to mandate that nelson is served exclusively in 4 pint jugs for the entire summer starting from now.

I’ve dropped three nelsons already and it’s only quarter past six

Im sitting in a bar reading a book from 1924 about boxing and wearing a t shirt with a Sinclair C5 on it

A Nelson chinned and back to my (home) office in time for a 12 o clock meeting.