People with no sense of personal space

Who do things like take their coat off in a waiting room and hit the person sitting next to them in the face and appear not to notice.

If I ever stumble into designated survivor style unexpected power I shall have these people flayed. Flayed and pickled!

And people who have no sense of their spatial position more generally.  So everyone is waiting behind the yellow line and they'll stand basically a step further behind just to make sure that everyone getting off the tube has to go in single file down the platform rather than being able to walk two abreast.

Yes as though only they are flesh and everyone else can become steam


I've got a mate who stands too fucking close when he talks to people.  Like his face is 6 - 12 inches from the other person's.  It's fucking unnerving.

I like walking down the street with a plank on my shoulder and then have an accomplice behind me call my name so I suddenly have to turn round.