Is Parliament going to take control today to avoid no deal?

I haven't seen any analysis of likely voting numbers

Looks like Sam Gyimah will vote in favour, presumably also Oliver Letwin and some of the other solid Tory remainers

I guess at least 5 Labour MPs might vote against

what do we think?

Except, unless they get off their backsides and actually agree something substantive no deal is what they will get. They've already had a shot taking control and all that did was show there wasn't a majority for anything.

It almost beggars belief that they would choose to ignore the referendum result just in furtherance of a free trade agreement with the EU.

Only the loony Remainiacs will back this.

Wot Anna said.

But if you want a general vote on whether it is a good idea to crash out without a deal or not then I would be all in favour of that.

Strutter can we also have staying in as an option please?

Nobody voted for a "deal" either. Unless you genuinely believe that folk voting in (say) Derby had a good long think about it and decided that yes, they would vote to leave the EU, but only on the understanding that the UK would negotiate a Free Trade agreement with the EU prior to departure. Poor fellows must be shocked that hasn't happened yet.

Dux, everyone on the leave side said that we would get a great deal because "they need us more than we need them".

Nobody was talking about leaving with no deal because it is quite obviously a fucking retarded thing to do.

The only reason people are talking about leaving with no deal now is because they don't want to acknowledge the massive amounts of egg they have on their faces, having promised a brilliant deal that has, as remainers predicted, failed to materialise.

In due course, I think it's very likely some sort of trade agreement will be negotiated. I wasn't told our political masters would deem it a pre-requisite.

Well to be fair you were told that it the lack of such a thing would be disastrous, but you were either too dim to understand or you decided to ignore it.

Fortunately now you do understand that such a thing would be disastrous you couldn’t conceivably want to go ahead with it could you?

I don't think we even were told that the lack of a deal would be disastrous, because nobody was talking about leaving with no deal. It's almost as if the idea of leaving the EU is so ludicrous, remainers thought it was so obvious it didn't even need to be said, and leavers deliberately kept quiet about it until all the votes were in.

It was a classic bait and switch. Trick people into voting leave by assuring them we will get a great deal, and then when the great deal doesn't materialise, convince them that no deal is better than a bad deal.

Then, when we crash out with no deal, all those people can go fuck themselves while Jacob Rees Mogg and Arron Banks asset strip what's left of the country.


I decided to ignore it in June 2016. What magic do you think has convinced me, or the other 42% of the population who favour an immediate withdrawal, otherwise?

Do you actually work in EU law or something? I can't figure out why you seem so bothered about this particular issue, yet adopt an affected aloof attitude towards literally everything else on here?

That was to Strutter. I suspect Lady P's outrage is more genuinely borne out of altruism (however misguided)

or the other 42% of the population who favour an immediate withdrawal

A clear minority then.

Why should 42% of the population get to dictate to 58%?

Well, if you allow for 20-odd % "don't know" it's not necessarily a minority is it?

Well it depends how those "don't knows "end up voting.

45% No Deal, 34% Remain and 20% Don' Know

Source: ComRes, April 2019

"Don't know" is in no way good enough to count as passive approval for economic suicide.

Even a majority in favour of it wouldn't be good enough, tbh.

Ken Clarke is going to vote in favour, unsurprisingly

"Even a majority in favour of it wouldn't be good enough, tbh."


we'd already guessed you might think this...

The thing I just don’t get dux is that you acknowledge that this thing is going to be a disaster involving job losses, a reduced revenue base and hence either much higher tax or lower services (or both), international loss of influence, possible break up of the union and maybe a major resumption of terrorism in Northern Ireland - and yet you still want to do it.

Is that really the move of a smart man?

TBF I don't think Dux has ever held himself out as "smart". Badly polished turd in a tweed jacket maybe.

"Why should 42% of the population get to dictate to 58%?"

as Alistair Campbell has pointed out, the new PM will actually be chosen by 0.25% of the whole country, 81% of whom didn't even vote for the party he/she will lead in the Euro elections

great, innit

we'd already guessed you might think this...

If a majority of three year olds voted to stick their wet fingers in plug sockets, lick dog poo off the bottom of shoes and eat nothing but Nutella, would you let them?

whens the vote? genuine game changer tbh. If no deal is legally off the table, that is the end of brexit imho

amusingly when the vote is is unclear

and I say amusingly because the delay is stopping The Saj from holding his opening ceremony for his leadership bid as he can't leave parliament until it happens

come on commons, stand up for us and do your duty

fuck those brexit nutters right in the eye

parliament looks empty, isn't this quite a big deal that people should be voting on?



Reckon the opposition will get spanked here.

I reckon it'll be within 5 votes either way

democracy sucks



Although part of me wanted to see it passed, just to boost Farage's chances at the next election.



Did you hear corbo at the end "You won;t be cheering in September" 


What was that about??

crap, that is utter crap

I'd like to see the division lists

Not according to Grieve and others. This was the last chance saloon

it might have been the last chance, but I think their clever brains will think of a solution if necessary

do people think EU would give us another extension if we asked? obviously parl won't vote for the existing deal before 31 oct

EU have said no more extensions, but who knows , who cares, we have no control over events anymore., not that we did anyway

We were promised an in/out referendum and thats what we got.

people who voted Leave expected the politicians to work out the details.

Grieve now threatening to resign the whip and bring down the government, apparently all by himself.

I though the default position , set in statute is its no deal, save for unless another extension is agreed?

well quite Abs and I think, now, both Leavers and Remains united in their frustration with HoC. We cant go on like this.

It is going to be very interesting. The country is certainly united against MPs who cannot agree on anything. We might end up with BJ no deal v Bercow and presumably some litigation around October time.


I see that the Labour motion today failed (to try to stop no deal).

I never thought I'd say this, but I really can't be bothered to vote any more - it's all a sham and counts for nothing. The faux parade of these political retards shimmying for pole Tory position is just pathetic. The whole thing's just ridiculous - none of it matters and even now when the country most needs it there's no one coming forward who might actually unite the nation and lead it and no one stepping up and saying that actually none of you are fit to lead. It seriously looks and sounds like a sub-par Sixth Form debate for who should be Head Boy or Girl. Fvck the lot of them. We are lost.

if there's one thing the last few years has told us, it's that voting ISN'T a sham

how people vote has real consequences

Exactly - it's more important to vote now than ever.

There will be other opportunities for the HoC to stop a no-deal brexit before 31 October.

Just look at that last sentence - where TF are we that such harm to the national interest is being positively peddled, demanded, and paraded as a good thing.  WTAF.

Sad times.

I’ve just checked out the (surprisingly long) list of labour rebels who helped to defeat this.

How the fvck does the labour MP for Jarrow (to take one obvious example) think that a no deal crash out will in any way be in the best interests of his constituents?

They obviously don't think it is in the best interests of their constituents because only a total fvking moron would think that.

They think it is in the best short-term interests of their pathetic career in politics.


yes, strutts, those labour MPs have fucked us all 

(along with the vast bulk of the tory party of course)

it is FUCKING MORONIC for any labour mp to think that giving the next tory leader a free run at how to brexit with parliamentary oversight is a good idea

what THE FUCK were they thinking?