Any Rofers ever been insane/stupid enough to have a go at this?

 was thinking this morning that the running of the bulls is completely unacceptable and must stop. I see terrified young bullocks wound up to the max looking this way and that desperate to find a way out from the mayhem of shouting an hitting, each showing scars from fights and impacts, none deserving of the total chaos and panic they experience. These are animals. It is utterly horrific. By the time they make it to the ring they are stressed beyond compare. How, in 2019, we still think this is ok is beyond me.

But that takes away the pleasure of seeing an urban American who knows nothing about animals taking a big horn where the sun doesn't shine.

I went 10 years ago but didn't run.  

Mainly because they run early morning and I hadn't been to bed by then - got a bit excited the first night...

My younger self didn't really have a problem with bull running or fighting but I do now; it's wrong and cruel.  But I got invited along and went without bringing my moral compass.

One thing that is much overlooked is that the San Fermin festival is amazing and I got totally immersed the atmosphere of it.  The bull running and fighting seemed like quite a small part of it for me.

Is it the Spaniards who throw donkeys off of towers as well?

The bullocks in the field next to my house get jumpy when I cut the hedge. Now consider the picture above. Look at the scars and consider what that bull thinks it needs to do. It's trying to get away.

There's a better photo of a bull sitting on them with some bloke's face pressed into its arse.

I once saw a spanish tv show where they tied lit fireworks to a bull's horns before skewering it to death. It was the most gratuitously awful act of cruelty I've ever seen. fuck them and their cultural sensitivities, it's mediaeval levels of barbarism.