Paddy Power now offering odds on Gov't rationing food in 2019

If your firm's firewall doesn't let you look at gambling sites, the odds are 11/1.

Probably worth jumping on that now, before no deal is confirmed.

Totally unrealistic -- this government would never ration food - they would just let the price of available food rise to its natural level through market forces - those that couldn't afford it will just have to work harder.

If you would all like to give me your addresses I'll start making up Icelandic food parcels for delivery when needed...

...any requests?

I'm not sure whether you're trolling or trying to be funny.

Worst time of the year for no deal though.  It's exactly in the dead spot for UK agriculture, at the end of the winter harvest and 2 months before the start of the spring/summer one.

It's the time when veg producers stop doing their homegrown veg boxes altogether and we import more than ever.

The perfect moment to raise tariffs, impose border checks and delay the transport of fresh produce.


I'm being perfectly serious... could I be living in comfort when I know my RoG friends are suffering in a third world country.

But who hasn’t already got a box or two of dry foodstuffs in the cellar?

Anybody stockpiling yet?  Don't forget loo roll and sanitary protection.

If it turns out you don't need it you can always use it slowly or give it to a local food bank.

Loo roll, kitchen roll, dry pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes, chilli, chicken, fish etc. Why not?

my wife goes on Mumsnet and says even many of the more sensible posters (although it’s Mumsnet so dunno if anyone qualifies as “sensible“) are stockpiling 

Parliament will be talking about introducing a Minister for Hunger this afternoon.


How did we get here?

It's not so much watching a slow motion car crash as being in one.

Most loo roll is actually imported directly from outside the EU. 


That is no problem... ...we used to have reusable hankies so you can simply wash and rinse out your bum cloth for reuse again and again.

"I'm not sure whether you're trolling or trying to be funny."


I was making a satirical comment on the government, may be not the funniest post in the world, but not sure why you think I was trolling.

Most loo roll is actually imported directly from outside the EU. 

Are you sure? How do you know it doesn't come into Rotterdam on a container ship and then put on a train or lorry and brought over from there?  That's what happens in a single market.  The supply chain is invisible.

Trafficking in loo rolls... ...that's what I'm going to get into.

not sure why you think I was trolling.

Have you not read RoF recently?

I can remember when I thought that people would surely have to come to their senses once they realised what Brexit really meant.

That seems such a long time ago.

We're going to do it.  We're really going to do it.  We're going to tear our own country apart for absolutely no reason at all.

Putin laughing

For years I've been dreaming about how to bring down the establishment and weaken the hold of big global on the UK... did I not see that Brexit was the simpler way. It's genius... ...who invented it?

It won't work that way Fluffers.  It means that the UK is going to be one big fire sale and EVERYTHING MUST GO.

Big Global is going to own the whole lot.  Low tax, low regulation authoritarian future beckons.  No other way.

On the bright side in a generation or two, once life expectancy drops, more housing will become available.

" did I not see that Brexit was the simpler way. It's genius... ...who invented it?"

You can at least credit yourself with voting for it, if I remember rightly.

They won't touch it with a barge pole... ...who would want to be linked to a miserably indolent workforce and a nation split into violently opposing factions.

This is the time sisters and brothers...

Thanks Johnny... far the plan is working out better than I could ever have expected.

Can you send me some of that nice dried whale meat please?

I think salted cod is the way to go...

...although I'm going to be a bit frustrated as Iceland will probably up the export of cod to the UK when the North Sea becomes a battleground of opposing fishing fleets.

It will never happen.

It should do tbf. We need something to increase equality, and rationing is as good an idea as any.


In 3-Dux's house they will entertain themselves by taking it in turns to hold the Brexit 50p while they sit around a candle.

"Thanks Johnny... far the plan is working out better than I could ever have expected."

Well done, you fearless eco-warrior you. You truly have stuck it to the man.

Wait, you actually stuck it to all the men, and not forgetting the women and children. But who cares because the world is doomed anyway, right?

In the meantime, I only hope, now and again, you'll send me the odd pack of salted cod or can of herring to tide me over until the end of the month in my future Chinese-owed sweatshop job.


Loo roll?  Bum cloths?  Jesus man up and use your hand and some water from a nearby puddle. 

My dad may now finally stop moaning about the expense of maintaining a sizeable vegetable garden if we can start flogging beetroot to the neighbours.