Oxbridge extends 41 offers to state comp in east london

very impressive by all accounts, thats probably more than Westminister et al.

what is this new institution that is making offers like that?


Lol clubbers , it is in all seriousness impressive though?

I think it's an awesome effort and on a par with my old school.

Sail once again you have missed the point unless you went to a state school Comp in east London?

I think this is brilliant. I hope they get the grades they want - sounds like that sixth form is really doing their job well.

No ebit think you've missed my point that it's the more impressive because they've equaled if not bettered the performance of one of the best schools in the country.

how can they have kids travelling for 2 hours to get there? I thought Super Selective Grammars were the only state schools that operated on a non- catchment basis?


(i realise this is missing the point on this astonishingly fantastic achievement and I hope all of them get their grades now)

Escaped, if you read the article, they are massively oversubscribed, only take 300 students a year and interview everyone. Sounds like a catchment area isn't applicable!

Sails that wasn’t the point you were making, neat back track though, and what is this one of the best schools in the country you speak of ? Even if it is getting shedloads into oxbridge is no achievement at all


What accounted for the drastic improvement since 2014? (They do talk about what the shool is doing but it seems unclear whether these were recent changes in practice.)

That's the kind of school I may want to teach at, if they'll have me.

So does this mean:

a.  It’s selective. Should be labelled a grammar. And we should have more grammar schools,

b. It’s selective and has lowered the life chances of thousands of other pupils by creaming off the very best from a huge catchment, or

c.  It has good teachers and practices.  All schools could achieve the same results. Other schools should copy their practices and fire all their crap teachers

Elphi - I think it's only selective for entry to the sixth form.  I actually agree we need selective education at 16 plus.  It's a much better/fairer point to be selective. We need better vocational options at 16 as well. It's a good point to get people off the train to an expensive and pointless degree and there are far too many expensive and pointless degrees out there. 

It's pretty clear what they have done (brilliantly) is bring in Oxbridge educated teachers encourage lots of kids to apply and give the kids some interview training to make it easy for Oxbridge to take their kids.  Despite the press nonsense both Oxford and Cambridge are really keen to take undergrads from more diverse backgrounds so they are pushing at a door that is at least partly open.

It is a model that should be rolled out all over the country I reckon. 

stardust that's exactly my point - I thought only grammars are allowed to be academically selective and ignore catchment. 

Seems from D Darko that 6th form colleges are too. 

Sorry Ebit I forget you can read my mind and know exactly what I meant.

It was a lovely little place in a Hampshire town with a big cathedral.  Admittedly I was one of the more stupid people there.

I genuinely wouldn't know, apologies. I haven't had much to do with the education system since I left it!

state 6th forms were always selective werent they?  Think you needed Cs in english maths and science for mine

I had actually missed that Sails.  Suddenly your world view makes rather more sense! 


Surely it's like any very selective grammar or private school so of cours gets good results. It creams off (damages I suppose in the eyes of socialists) other comprehensives by stealing their brightest pupils and concentrating them in one place. My sons had a friend I think who went to this school from their private school for the sixth form.


My nephews both had interviews for oxbridge in December. One at least I would have expected might have had a good chance of getting but they didn't. I wonder if my sister should not have got them into their school on a bursary and spent 50% of her net income on school fees and sent them intead  to a state school where a contextual offer might have been more likely? Who knows. I do think their school has had a really surprising year in terms of oxbridge offers (lack of them compared to other years including plenty of children wtinh 13 A*s, national competitions in subjects etc super bright for some reason this year).


clearly she should sue the sperm bank for the lack of donor intelligence.

They have schools in East London??

ps - heh @ Wang 11.52

Well done to all concerned.

On a unrelated note, I'm opening a shop selling stab proof university gowns in Oxford.

This is brilliant.

I actually felt quite emotional reading that article.

Near where we live there is Silverstone UTC.  It focuses on engineering, science and design.

Of the last 6 apprentices into the Mercedes Benz f1 team, 4 were from that school.

A bunch of them got to go to the launch of the new car because they developed and made parts for the f1 car in the school workshop.  They were 16

In my year the st7 sixth form Anna and  I went to got more oxbridge entrants than the local private schools.  Which tbf got none between them so it was a low bar...

I accidentally dislocated a bloke's knee in a match against portsmouth grammar years ago.

They'd tried a trick of lining up their no8 in the centre opposite me...

Er, Wang, as much as I don't want to talk down our awesome 6th form in any way, it probably has more sixth formers in one year than all the local private schools do put together.

Last time i was at Oxford the homeless issue had still not been dealt with, what about 20 years later?  Incompetent council.

Sorry. Someone has to say it.  

How do we know this is genuine and these guys are as good as they should be to acheive that number of offers ?  

Looking at the stats, is it not much more likely that these people are all just being let in on low grades by an Oxbridge system that knows the quality of its final output cannot be measured but is terrified of NOT admitting enough state school people, however they twist the figures to achieve that ?  

And, btw, this school is obviously quite good but also obviously has a highly selective intake.  No way is it a comprehensive school.  

Who cares?

Better than private schools churning out people like Dux and Saillaw (sorry).

A comp in the sense that it can select the best  small percentage of applicants at 16, thus ensuring a bright and massively motivated cohort with a track record of study.

Not exactly your traditional Grange Hill model comp is it?

All 6th forms are selective u daft fckrs.

If you can spell "deaddeaf"with your gcse results, it's probably the train to GNVQ in leisure and tourism for you

Pretty sure that in my day you needed at least 5 A*-C grades to get into the 6th form and people were strongly discouraged from taking A-levels in subjects they got less than a B in.