Oval Test

Convicts won the toss and elected to field.

Ed Smith's mate out for 14 as England's openers fail to last 10 overs again.

(to the tune of Yellow Submarine)

You all live in a convict colony, a convict colony...

Cant see Denley being taken on the winter tours. Too long in the tooth to be playing that kind of shot at this stage of the innings.

I was tempted to take Day 4 tickets but it's a dead series now so will save my £££ ta

Denly may well get picked for the winter tours on the basis of his versatility. He was originally picked as a one day spinner, then a test middle order batsman and now a test opener. He's versatile as he can be not good enough in a number of different positions.

Tickets are hugely overpriced for what is now a dead contest played in a time of year where rain and bad light (county matches start half an hour earlier in September for this reason) will likely mean you'll struggle to get a full day's play in anyway. The ECB can fvck right off.

You guys know the tickets were sold months ago don’t you? I wasn’t asking whether you were planning on buying any now.

And heh @ your assessment of Denly!

Yes, I made the decision not to buy any tickets for an event that had a good chance of being a dead rubber and in any case would be played at a time of year where bad light and rain are likely to interrupt many, many months ago.

If you have tickets I hope you get to see a stirring England performance in the sunshine!

The ECB can still fvck right off though.

I think they will look to try and develop this team into a proper test match team after this series. There are far too many people who can (if asked) play in a variety of places but aren't actually nailed on in any position. Denly is illustrative of this.

They should try a new opener in the winter (probably Sibley based on the stats) and Pope should be introduced at 5 or 6, dropping either Roy or Buttler in the process.

I would also be tempted to slap Bairstow across the face and say you aren't allowed to keep any more as England need you more as a specialist batsman.

How much is a ticket £80? Seems fair to me to have an entire day's cricket even if a dead rubber and compares favourably to Twickenham or Wimbledon.

Denly is no better or worse than Vince. The problem is no top order batsman in England seems to back themselves to defend for 20 overs. Don't hit the bad ball for the first 10 overs should basically be the rule. They also seem to have zero interest in getting forward defensively with their bat and pad together - all the nicking off comes from hanging the bat out on the crease. 

Went yesterday.  Pretty low key atmosphere until Buttler gave it a bit of welly at the end.  Aussie fielding wasn't great, esp Paine, and that kept us in the game somewhat (esp with Archer's 2 wickets now).  Plenty of Australians in the crowd; maybe a quarter of the crowd.