"Our Army manned the air, it ran the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do.""



I can think of two equally hilarious explanations for this 

1) someone wrote it for him for a bet 

2) the given text said "ports" and he decided as he was reading it that was wrong 

I bet it was thrown in on purpose to make it so all people would be talking about would be the gaffe and not the fact that he broke countless campaign finance laws by holding a massive campaign rally on the taxpayer dime.

The thing about the “dead cat on the table” strategy is that it’s predicated on making everyone talk about how someone is a missive fuckwit to distract everyone from how that person is already a massive fuckwit. Long term it’s not really going to work 

They do go a bit over the top about these things sometimes. I go there regularly and see the houses with the US flags hanging outside. The inhabitants couldn't be more friendly and hospitable.

I guess I'm not the enemy any more.

What, like the time he said his dad was born in Germany?

Like the time he said he won the popular vote?

Like the time he said he had the best attended inauguration ever?

Like the time he said Muslims in New Jersey were cheering when the World Trade Centre came down?

The problem is that he makes stuff up as and when it suits him with absolutely no reference to the truth.

So the president of the United States having said an average of 17 demonstrably incorrect or untrue things A DAY since coming to office isn’t a problem?


How many lies a day does it take until it becomes a problem then?

Gosh, it is almost as if this Klaus chap doesn’t want to acknowledge the lying point.

It's almost as if he doesn't care what you think. How very dare he.

Dracz do you ever think something strange might have happened to your values somewhere along the way?

Dracz is just reacting to the smug politically correctness which has been rammed down our throats for the last 30 years.

dux being magnificently wrong once more 

the point is that he doesn't care what anyone thinks about him lying and lying and lying again - which is actually slightly worrying

I've no idea what he thinks about Mr Trump's lies. How do you?

Smug political correctness? Like the convention we don't put children in cages you mean? That politicians are supposed to tell the truth and if they don't they suffer for it? The rule of law?