He and I fell out, so I haven't tried to contact him for months, but on the back of everyone worrying I just tried to text him and it didn't go through.  So I phoned him and it said the number no longer exists.

Has anyone heard from him recently?

I hope he's in some sort of mediaeval rehab and isn't, as I fear, dead.

Rofstyle: smiley


Just went through my texts and it's been a year.  Christ, I thought it was only a couple of months.

If you're reading this and rubbing your thighs, good.  I hope you are ok you little shit.

Someone must know him irl surely??? I could only work out his real name by looking at a 1990 Wisden.

Hmm.  I just tried to message him on our super secret message bollocks and yeah no.  Hmm.

Is that like the writing on bananas thing?  You know, close but no, ahem, cigar?



This is me joining in, not taking the piss, FAOD.

Lol no.  Must admit that the whole banana thing...

I mean maybe it's just me but the amount of amateur porn that will be out there with Megan Markle signature bananas inserted... lol...

Mutters see the last half dozen posts at the end of the University Rejections thread. What do you think? Is MF Osama?

I don't think MF is Osama...


Was Osama the chap whose alcoholism had reached a stage that required liquid to be drained?  That is a very late stage and I think there is a limited life expectancy after that (6 months to a year) so we are right to be concerned.

I hope someone is able to get hold of him and, if he's around, tell him to stay well xx


Yep, that’s what he had... ...he was recovering (slowly) from a first operation and was back with his parents.

I hope he is OK... ...I’m worried as I think he was pissed off about how slow his recovery was going.


Not to be morbid, but it seems that some of you know who he is irl, so it should be possible to see if there is an obituary?

I do hope he is well and that he just wanted a clean break from his past.

I know his first name (or what he told me his first name was) and a now non-existent mobile number. I don’t know who he is IRL I’m afraid.

his email is rofsama etc but a name comes up and that's a joke name, not his real name, so I cannot help track him

I only know him as Osama. No idea who he is IRL.

There’s a fair bit of bollocks in there tho.  You can’t steal someone’s hat just for a start... 

Ok I think I've figured it out.  They must have been on a role playing server where she literally typed that she'd snatched his hat.  Very bloody niche area that.

More amusing is her description of Goldshire not being a very nice place now.  It is a perfectly nice place on most servers.... except for roleplaying servers because it's where all the night elf hookers hangout to pick up people coming into the human capital, snigger.  Lame lame lame.