Optimist or several cards shy of a full deck?


Oddly enough an Optimist dinghy is only 2/3 the length of that boat so he'd have to have been even more of an optimist to think he could do it in an Optimist.


Man who designed 3 foot square boat is surprised by ocean waves larger than 3 feet high....

Within hours of his heartbreaking video going up, his JustGiving page had also been taken down. He had been raising money for cancer charities in memory of his father, mother and friend Tom McNally, who helped him design and build the boat before his death.

Not really very funny at all, Warren.

He wasn't surprised by the waves.  Just turned out he had a leak somewhere and to be honest almost every boat leaks to some extent.

I don’t disagree that he was doing it for a good cause. I do disagree with the suggestion that the boat might have made it across the Atlantic. He risked becoming either a casualty or a rescue victim himself. 

Plenty of similar sized boats have made it and I suspect he would have had a support vessel shadowing him but not helping.

Plenty of similar size boats to this?  There must be more nautical nutters out there than I thought... 

Yes Pez he’s just another in a line of people who’ve all competed for the record for the smallest boast to cross the Atlantic.  As there really is a minimum size to accommodate a person they are now down to trying to shave off a centimetre or two.