...oppressed people turning on the oppressors, slaves against their owners...

...the peasantry against the feudal barons...


Strong stuff from the nuttiest of the bunch.

Stirring stuff from Widders!

As Hartley Shawcross said in 1945, WE ARE THE MASTERS NOW!

And just to prove it we’re going to lose thousands upon thousands of jobs! Just you try and stop us!

She's always been one of the "better" Tories, i.e. actually possessing a social conscience.  

She got a standing ovation in a working men's club in the north of England. Imagine that 25 years ago!


Descendants of actual slaves can surely have empathy for the unspeakable suffering she must have endured under the heel of the Brussels overseers.


What a load of horseshit.  We pushed to create the EU and have been one of its most influential members from the outset.  By all means say you don't like it but this is just painful.

Maybe someone should keep a spreadsheet RE dux assertions- correct, incorrect, n/a. I wonder how it would look like 

It's a fairly safe statistical bet that the vast majority of Caucasians have an ancestor who was a slave in the Roman Empire. Just like 95%+ or something of Europeans are descended from Charlemagne.


Who wrote "do you come from a land down under"?

her surname definitely lends itself to a parody thereof.

'We pushed to create the EU and have been one of its most influential members from the outset'



Erm no we didnt, when the origional countires wanted the UK, way back after the war, to join the Gov of the day dithered and faffed and when it came to giving an answer  said no.  

They then came crawling back a few years later and De Gaulle kept vetoing it, eventually giving in after the UK parctically gave him a  rimming.


Since then we have just gone along with whatever the Common Market, then EEC, then the EC, and now the European Union have said.

The UK may have thought they had influence, but really we didn't that much , and what we had was eroded away bu years of Tory in fighting about being in the EU

Wot abs said.

Particularly the rimming bit.

I am not familiar with the dark arts, but isnt rimming meant to be a good thing?

Who said the dates were correct? but you get the gist

The 1960s saw the first attempts at enlargement. In 1961, DenmarkIrelandNorway and the United Kingdom applied to join the three Communities. However, President Charles de Gaulle saw British membership as a Trojan horse for U.S. influence and vetoed membership, and the applications of all four countries were suspended.[citation neededGreece became the first country to join the EC in 1961 as an associate member, however its membership was suspended in 1967 after the Colonels coup d'état.[7]

A year later, in February 1962, Spain attempted to join the European Communities. However, because Francoist Spain was not a democracy, all members rejected the request in 1964.

The four countries resubmitted their applications on 11 May 1967 and with Georges Pompidou succeeding Charles de Gaulle as French president in 1969, the veto was lifted. Negotiations began in 1970 under the pro-European government of Edward Heath, who had to deal with disagreements relating to the Common Agricultural Policy and the UK's relationship with the Commonwealth of Nations. Nevertheless, two years later the accession treaties were signed so that Denmark, Ireland and the UK joined the Community effective 1 January 1973. The Norwegian people had finally rejected membership in a referendum on 25 September 1972.[8]


Dates for you

I think the key thing Abbey is that we joined voluntarily.  Maybe I’m wrong about our role in setting it up, I thought a lot of our leading politicians were influential.  And I suspect there is a lot of debate to be had around the extent of our power.  But calling us the oppressed in a club we joined and helped lead is too far.

Anyone who thinks that we were oppressed in the EU is fucking moron, regardless of when and how we joined.

I agree,  it's pathetic  I hear same sort of talk from members of my family

He said the UK gave de Gaulle a rimming.  He said nothing about reversing his position you fucking pervert.

Yeah, my mum voted for Trump, but she has since seen the light.

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Apart from anything else... how fvcking rude and counter-productive.


Way to go on making that easy for people!

What was all that "we're orf" shit?  it was like watching a reincarnated Margaret Rutherford... great in a black and white Ealing fvcking comedy... disastrous in real life....

Hateful, hateful little Englanders


I thought Supes said his family were paranoid about Trump bringing in concentration camps