Oooh I fancy

Nick Eardley the BBC Breakfast political reporter. His looks are exactly what I find super attractive. 

What Abs said about the Eardley chap. Although Strutter looks good for someone with a saga subscription. 

Eardley looks like he’s on work experience from the school newspaper. 



he looks like a posh boy Owen Jones. Urgh 

My sister used to really really fancy Nicholas Witchell.


Today I have learned that a friend of a friend (I would have called her my friend until we had a falling out over an incident in the hometown of my one true love it is a long story) has been intimate with Nick Eardley.

This is my most baader meinhof thing ever.

In answer to the obvious question, I do not know and felt it would be impolite to ask

Your one true love?  Bernard Cribbins???!!?  there's life in the salty dog yet eh...


and yes, that is exactly what I was going to ask, but would expect no more than the answer you gave, as you are a lady.

how funny, it's Jung's collective unconscious at work.

plenty of trans types who r more ladylike than clergs tbf

oh Clerghers, where in Scotland is his accent from?


And yesterday, I learned all about bagging munros!

Belinda Carlisle.

Oh God yeah.

"We dream the same dream,

We want the same thing"

Frankly, Belinda, if that's actually the case, you are one very, very, dirty girl.

buzz - I am going to send you a message on LinkedIn about Belinda Carlisle.


I once spent An evening dancing with her in Paris when she'd just split up with her boyfriend.  oh hold on, that wasn't me, it was (nt) Montie and rather than Belinda it was (nt) Emannuelle Beart.


how silly of me

On that note, I am pleased to note that Cafe Boheme has re-opened, completely re-furbished (said refurbishment needed no doubt in part due to Monty's amorous shenanigabns)

Montie was inventing the Tecco before Tecco himself was a glint in the milkman's eye

"Frankly, Belinda, if that's actually the case, you are one very, very, dirty girl."


I am guffawing out loud here.


Wtf Wang I am totes a lady

Not sure JC I would have guessed posh Glasgow but will try to confirm

Nick Eardley

is this the Eardley fella?

Jesus get a grip of yourself.  Looks like a mash up of one of the kids from the Finger of Fudge ad from the 1970s and comedy actor from the same period, Stanley Baxter


yeah, sort of where I was going.


he is rocking the Stanley Baxter vibe tho

Clergs/JC - Edinburgh but not posh. Supports the right football team as well.