The one nation one Britain song was written by kids

Now I feel sad for them :(

No wonder it's shit. 

Should have got Robbie Williams to write it. 

Well they're from Bradford so it's probably coming from the opposite place in many respects

I do wonder how songwriting by committee works with kids 

Is this the one that’s actually a parody?

getting kids to write a sing patriotic songs is hitler youthy in spirit imo (although communists did similar) I am not saying it is actually fascist.

Agree. I always find it creepy in American films when they get little kids to do the pledge.

Robbie Williams “I’m loving Britain instead”

“And through it allll she offers me blue passports”

Wherever it may take me
I know that my phone company won't break me
When I come to call

....oh hang on.

“And we can’t go to Waterfordddd” 

“Because we’ve lost freedom movement”

”I know that Priti Patel won’t break me”

”When I come to fall, I’m loving Brexit instead”

We sit alone / as a nation / contemplate our fate

And did we know / the places we can now go / are just grey and cold?

Cos we were told / independence / would let our wings unfold

Freedom (I know it wasn't a Robbie original, but whatevs)

I'm gonna let you down

I'm gonna give the union up 

Don't talk this country down

We might win the Euro cup

I'm gonna let you down

And you'll still vote for me like schmucks

And I would really love to (love to) steal a billion pounds