old school late night roffing.
Hotblack Desiato 06 Feb 19 20:50
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For the first time in my life (I am a litigator) I am in the office, on the clock, literally waiting for instructions from my clients.....


Isn't that supposed to be what ROF is for - bored lawyers, in the twilight hours, whose clients are paying them to wait around for instructions from Tokyo/LA/Moscow desperately trying to keep themselves entertained....

Any one else in a similar boat?

Just me then.


I suppose the younger generation of lawyers are on Legalcheek. Or Snapchat.

Nah ppl are here it’s just they don’t want to engage with u 

Literally gone - I was yesterday deleting some old RoF threads from 2002 which I had saved.

I'm usually around as I do a lot of my work at night... ...but you are correct, RoF is a sad shadow of itself in the evening. 

I think lots have largely just given up with it, particularly since the trolling attempts to stop it (even on nuROF) escalated with apparent impunity. Not worth the hassle or hate.

"Agree with Fluffy. Used to be highly amusing"


Yes. There was a certain acerbic and often imaginative humour on the late night posts from  lawyers sat about twiddling thumbs waiting for the amends on the contract. So is the explanation:


a) there are fewer  lawyers sitting around in offices late at night on transactions killing chargeable time than pre 2008; or

b) there are the same number of lawyers but fewer of them ROF.