OK I have had two sets of children knock at my door

and had nothing to give them so had to send them away. 
I feel bad but isn’t this a very American holiday? 
Why am I supposed to buy Celebrations for ransoms?

Am I being unfair?

*randoms of course.

i am not kidnapping the children 

I don't think you're being unfair, but unfortunately this now seems to be the norm for people who live in houses (rather than flats - once a year I'm the smug one!).

Have you tried telling them you only have non-vegan sweets?  That seemed to get rid of the ones round Heff's way.

I am in a flat, Stix, these are families in the block! Thought I was safe. 

Missing the Darwin opportunity here.

Get some apples, preferably really nice looking ones like pink ladies.

Inject with smallpox.

Give to child.

have had none visit me tonight, either a testament to my delightful attitude or the fact that they have to travel over a mile up a private road to get to my home.

Yes, I’m in the towers at the moment, it was a very difficult day and Jasper was at doggy day care all day and definitely deserved a log fire to cuddle up with tonight.

If u have hallowe'en decorations out or pumpkin in the window you're fair game 

people who don't want to be bothered draw curtains and don't have decorations 

why would anyone object to cute children asking them for sweets on Halloween? And don’t give me some Check My Vulnerabilities about old people or people who have some absurd fear of crime or whatnot. I’m asking why any *normal* person would object.

Because they hate everything nice?

we were in a tiny little restaurant last night run by a lovely family who are clearly life and soul of their community, and kids were coming into the restaurant to trick or treat. It was really cute (favourite outfit - girl of about 5 dressed as corpse bride)

sounds great tbf

Halloween taken VERY srsly round our way. We went out to a street where virtually every house puts on a Halloween show, but we also left a basket of treats outside our door and when we got back it was empty.

Tbf to Miss “I’m never posting on rof again” Hoolie, nice is about the extent of her vocabulary. 

Do you ever wonder why you're like this? What happened to you?

anyway you have a lovely day 

It is not an American holiday.  It is a Celtic one.

- This message was brought to you by the Campaign to Teach The British About Their Own Heritage.

Like most festivals it has multiple origins, fused into one. Almost all of the modern practices have been retro-imported into the UK from the US, however.

Where we live, it was all very well organised.  There is a whatsapp group for all things "Village" related, which ordinarily I ignore, but on the lead up to last night, someone suggested that if you were prepared to welcome trick or treaters, to stick some sort of halloweeny decoration outside the front door.  Needless to say, we did not and we were left alone.  A friend of mine took the alternative approach of sitting in the dark all night, not answering the door, pretending she was out for the evening. 

Where we are no one knocks on a door if there's no pumpkin or decorations up. That said, two of our friends out with their children banged on our door and shouted "OPEN THE DOOR!" really loudly and FREAKED us out. They were wearing masks when I opened the door, too - bastards!

ps incidentally, when Halloween was transported over to the US by the celtic population, the tradition was to carve turnips not pumpkins #funfactstoaddtoOrwell'sfunfacts

What Dusty said. 

Trick or treating is Scottish/Irish, called guising, which has its origins in an earlier practice of disguising yourself against the spirits abroad after dark. Jack o'lanterns are also Celtic in origin, they were just carved into turnips or gourds previously.

The only American thing about Hallowe'en is the use of pumpkins and the rampant commercialism.  There is greater American influence on modern Christmas celebrations than Hallowe'en.

We used to carve turnips in the early 80s in Scotland. It was *not* easy 

we may not have been the MOST decorated house in the village but I reckon we were most tasteful (and visitors were v please by the fact we had chocolates as well as endless mini packs of haribo)


but the prize for the best show went to the man with the singing pumpkins (something like this







I carved turnips as a kid I don’t honk I had ever seen a pumpkin in real life.  Have to admit that pumpkins looks better mind

Stix, I share your living in a flat joy!


although in ours it turns out the parents organised in the Facebook group whose door they could knock at. The joys of not have facebook


my bus got egged and a firework set off at it last night. My areas still very much up and coming

I got none despite my carvery par excellence.  I did a pumpkin and a butternut squash (was using the latter anyway in a stew).  Squash was a total bugger to carve.

I didnt answer the door last night but thats because it might have been canvassers.