Ok Apple peeps...

For the first time in over 10 years I'm upgrading from Samsung to APPLE! Yes, from tomorrow I'll be the proud owner of the Apple 11 phone (mint green) and an Apple series 5 watch (silver); yay for moi!

So here's the thing, the watch comes with a white band which I want to replace - but the bands are big dollar! 

I've heard about buying the bands from an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) seller, anyone know of one I can purchase from?? 



jeez, not this stunt again, you buy an ipad but that’ll be £150 extra for a case, please, and no, you cant do without one. Its like buying a bmw.


don't have an iwatch but have bought plenty of non-Fitbit bands on there 

Check out Nomad and Monowear for watch straps. Cheaper than Apple, great quality.

What Queenie said ffs. Just have a look on Amazon.  

The one thing you have to buy for an Apple watch is a screen protector as they get scratched immediately. 

oh yeah glass screen protectors for the phone and the watch are a must

My Apple Watch is coming up on 3 years old and has no scratches, and I accidentally bang my wrist against stuff pretty regularly. It’s not particularly more likely to scratch than any other watch as far as I can tell. 

Kind of what pancakes said.  My watch has a bunch of scratches if you really look for them (after 3.5 years) but none that I'd notice / which bother me in day to day use.

My main Apple Watch problem is that I always forget to charge the bloody thing. Now just wear a normal watch most of the time. It’s probably fine if you’re not a stupid moron though 

I have been in the appleverse for a decade and escape is impossible.  I would think very carefully about making the switch if you are not, yes the products are easy to use and easy to link up but the premium is huge and increasingly irritating.

You’re not wrong Guy. Hoping my stuff will last long enough that the price difference will be worth it in the long run.

The iPhone is really not overpriced. You can get one at most price points and they cost exactly what you’d pay for an equivalent Samsung or Google.

Yes I’m sure you can get something that ships all your personal info to Xi Jinping for half the price though.

The computers are expensive, but they’re premium products. Actually equivalent build quality Windows laptops cost basically the same (eg Dell XPS, MS Surface). 

its not just the phones pancake it is the peripherals that cost a fortune and apple purposely fix it so competitor products don't work very well or at all with apple

Hmmm?? do you guys understand the OEM concept? I don't want to purchase a strap/band from any random on Amazon, but from the OEM of the Apple strap/band. Or are all sellers of compatible Apple bands an OEM? 

I'm still exited to be getting them tmr tho' :-)

Sorry m3.  Only OEM I buy watch bits from is Patek Philippe

Apple don’t do the “buy cheaper from an OEM” thing AFAIK. You’re limited to third-party manufacturers or Apple themselves.

Beware on the iPhone xi (I have two). They boast it is the least likely screen to break (crack). They achieve that by using softer glass so it won’t break but it scratches to sh*t in a way older iPhones don’t. My old iPhone 10 never had a scratch and the xi was scratched within a day of getting it

...and I guess that's why they suggested getting a cover for it. Eek, hope I don't bash it!

Day 2

No other way of saying this but if I can't transfer over my apps from my samsung to this new iphone 11 then it's a wrap, I'll be sending it back. The watch as well.

Like seriously.

I’d be surprised if you can. Apple controls its app infrastructure. Of course you have a right to data portability under the gdpr 😂😂😂

I'm waiting for the 12 to come out because I want to future proof it (as much as one can) with 5G. I'm still on a 6 so I have been capable of making them last... battery is fucked but besides that my 6 is fine.

No other way of saying this but if I can't transfer over my apps from my samsung to this new iphone 11 then it's a wrap, I'll be sending it back. The watch as well.

I'm trying to think of a nice way to say this.

Do you have a particularly low IQ?  As in, did your carer have to help you login to post this? 

I can't even be bothered to re-try it. It's time in my life I'll never get back! 

Remind again me why apple peeps think it's so great?

Transfer an "app". Oh dear. 

Tbf you'll probably prefer the iPhone as it's easy to use.


I bought a metal strap for my apple watch as the normal one gives me a rash.  It makes it look like a "proper" mans watch.  £12 off of t'Amazon.


And I got a bang on my old one and it cracked the screen.  the watches are fubarred if you crack the screen