Oi Rof, yer security certificate has expired

Time to get the hamster it’s MOT innit

Yup.  Can't log on from phone.

Honestly, how bad must your organisation be to have so many IT errors?  It's an IT based service, give it the priority it deserves.


Security certificates have to be the biggest joke shop idea ever. Who the hell isn't going to use a site they know and trust, simply because some piece of virtual paperwork has expired, when conversely the most amateurish east european fraud farm can rustle up a valid certificate in 10minutes?

I see they've now renewed the certificate, but only for 3 months most odd.  So expect the same fun on 11th October :)



The latest scam emails I have been getting refer to the password I use only for Rof. Which leads me to think it has been hacked.