Oh my Galbani - annoying ads

Has anyone heard this hatefully annoying advert? 

It drives me mad. 

Anyone else have any ads they despise?


Wot Abs sed.

That's why I'm happy to pay my licence fee.  Imagine R4 with ads (they do too much self-promotion already).

The only thing I really watch on telly, aside from the House of Commons, is sport.  And if there’s adverts I just mute it at half time or whatever.  I really don’t understand people who just sit there and watch soaps or reality tv or suchlike.  It accomplishes nothing and there’s so much more you can do with your life.

Could not agree more with the OP re this advert.

Find the idiot who thought it was a good idea and hang him.

"In Italy we say "Galbani"

Yes, we say Galbani here too.  It's just this hateful cunt on the ad that can't say Galbani.  

Galabanani?  No, Galbani!

Yeah, that's what I said, Galabananni

[man pulls out machine gun and let's rip]

Oh my Galbani, I have blood all over my buratta"

are far better ad all round. 

The Senokot adverts. I'm unconvinced that the ladies involved are likely to announce that they have just done a massive dump.

I am currently hating on:


- Sun Bingo

- KFC (the one with the young lady who speaks with a patronisingly affected patois and drops her "t"s continuously)

- The Phillip Schofield ones for webuyanycar.com

- The Clearscore ones (that boxer is becoming annoying)

- Flash (to the tune of "Flash" by Queen)


All liable to provoke a murderous rage.

Oh, and the female incontinence pants ones (cringeworthy).


And all of the patronising/reprehensible life assurance/funeral plans for the over 50s and equity release mortgages.  

The advert for Nationwide Bank (?) with the two millennials hanging around a photo booth.

Check out the grandads in here that still watch TV with adverts

I don't, because I don't watch channels that show adverts

All those ads for over 50s insurance stuff saying they will cover the cost of your funeral. Generally fronted by people who look at least 90.

Come back to me in 40 years time.

Probably written by young kids in agencies who think everyone drops off a cliff at 50.


Out of curiosity.... how do people normally pay for funerals?  On the two times I’ve been involved I just put it on visa Amex and then (and will soon) claim it back against the estate as an expense.

Never really thought about it. 

The insurance companies are trying it on. Take it out at 50 and they'll probably collect 20 or 30 years of payments these days.

Yes, I have put funeral costs on a Visa before.

And I don't need a free pen.

Most people* cannot afford to put £4k on Visa, hence the market for these plans.  Do you really need that explained?


*RoF is not most people, shut up. 

Yes Stix, I know £4k is small change for most on here.

I just find the ads patronising. If you have been working for 30 or 40 years these days and don't have any money to show for it?

Hang on stop.

Last funeral I paid for cost  £7k.   This one is a bit higher, mainly due to flowers at about £9k.

I am not personally paying for these, I got/will get it back from the estate.

So: 1) wtf so you get £4K from?

2) where in this world can people not put this stuff on a credit card exactly?  I am from a poor area of Cardiff and I am certain that most of my relatives still living there will have credit cards.

1) I got £4k from googling "average funeral cost UK".

2) Putting it on the credit card doesn't mean no crippling debt from exorbitant interest rates and inability to pay it off for the rest of your life.  And if there is no money in the estate...   

Banks will pay funeral expenses without the need for a Grant of Probate and funeral directors are customarily very understanding about timeframes for payment. It's never an issue.

Obviously if the estate's bankrupt, that's different, but how often does that happen??

What's all this funeral stuff have to do with cheese?

"Trainpal is a truly sick app" YouTube ad, filmed in the weird fairylight-lit bedroom of some creep who looks like he spent his childhood cleaning Chernobyl with his tongue. 


But the Galbani ad is possibly worse.